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Medical News

A Paitan native, Sahara (right) happily had her decayed teeth removed and complimented the dentist’s painless-tooth-extraction skill, for she did not feel any discomfort in the process.  [Photograph by Tan Kim Hion]

Since Sahara, a native from Paitan village, Sandakan, had her decayed teeth extracted at Tzu Chi free clinic three years ago, she was no longer afraid of toothache. When she heard that Tzu Chi had arranged a free clinic again in Paitan, she came with her four daughters to have their decayed teeth extracted. The dentist’s painless extraction skill was highly praised and they even took a group picture with the dentist for remembrance.

Superintendent Kao Ruey Ho (right), representative of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and Echo Chien (left), representative of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, signed a MoU on Transnational Medical Services. [Photograph by Lim Su Nguan]

On August 31, 2015, which coincided with the 4-in-1 Cadre Camp, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Transnational Medical Services was signed between Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and Tzu Chi KL & Selangor. Superintendent Kao Ruey Ho represented the hospital and Tzu Chi KL & Selangor was represented by its CEO, Echo Chien.

Despite his mobility problem, Zheng Ge Liang still seized the chance to donate blood to save lives. [Photograph by Tham Yok Seng]

“Today I encouraged my eldest daughter to donate her blood too. I hope that my future generations could also join blood donation drives and continue this act of kindness,” said Arumugam a/l Mokkayya, who had participated in several Tzu Chi’s blood donation drives.

TIMA held their second “Hospital Survival Course” at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. Participants learnt about Tzu Chi’s medical humanistic values through interesting and lively sharing. [Photograph by Lee Wei Chiang]

Medical graduands will face the immediate problem of handling human relationships in the workplace. Thus, it is vital for them to guard their initial aspiration to save lives. Only with gratitude, respect and love in their hearts, can they demonstrate values of humanity in their relationship with patients.

During the workshop, medical professionals from TIMA shared with the audience about ways to maintain a positive mindset in dealing with stress. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

“I am so stressed, frustrated and tired! Why me?” is one of the unsettling thoughts that often disrupts one’s daily life. People face different challenges at different stages of life. By finding out the source of stress and learning to cope with it, one can then find balance and ignite one’s passion in life.

Villagers underwent the health screening to find out more about their health condition, and improve their health with proper medication from then on. [Photograph by Quek Chow Kiong]

Tzu Chi Tawau conducted their first health screening at Kampung Titingan to enable the low income villagers and the homeless to undergo free medical check-ups, which included blood pressure and glucose tests. Volunteers notified all concerned to make full use of this event a few days earlier; and, it is hoped that, through it, they would be more health conscious. This event was attended by 168 villagers.

Stroke Patients’ Support Group from Tzu Chi Klang celebrated Winter Solstice and Christmas with the stroke patients. Volunteer Lee Lay Koon (middle) and another TIMA member cheered for Chen Gui Feng (left) as she kneaded the rice balls. [Photograph by Koh Poo Leng]

On December 21, 2014, Stroke Patients’ Support Group from Tzu Chi Klang celebrated Winter Solstice and Christmas at Tzu Chi Taman Sentosa Community Centre. Volunteers prepared various food, such as, ‘tang yuan’ (glutinous rice balls) and decorated the community centre with a Christmas tree. The stroke patients were invited to celebrate the special occasions and help with the food preparations and Christmas decorations as part of their physiotherapy.

Initially, Xin Ling was all covered up, but now she cares, laughs and is the Sunlight Ambassador. She passes her days with smiles and seizes opportunities to accumulate good karma. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

At the corner of Taman Rimba Kiara, a group of volunteers were seen singing the melodious song, “… I do not have an easy path, daunted with occasional challenges, let the wind dry my tears and sweats; I have not a faint heart, challenges made me strong, as Bravery is my name.” Passersby would think they were a group of enthusiasts practising their singing, not knowing, they were cancer survivors seeking hope and courage.

Chen Tian Xi is very thankful for his family’s care and companionship over the past two years, which had enabled him to go through the treatment process calmly. Joining the Cancer Support Group has made him realize that “it is better to give than to receive”. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

Whenever any person was diagnosed with cancer, inevitably the question “Why me?” and the negative thought of “impending doom” would emerge. There is a saying, “Out of ten cancer patients, nine would complain”. Facing the ordeal, cancer patients need your care and blessings to support them and boost their confidence as they undergo treatments.

The workers, who came for the health screening, were very cooperative and orderly. They paid full attention when undergoing the various medical checks under the guidance of the volunteers. [Photograph by Tan Pui Lee]

Kim Hin Ceramic Tile Factory has its staff quarters located on both sides of a busy tarred road. Every day, there is heavy traffic on this route, and occasionally, parents can be seen walking their children to nearby schools. In the evenings, children will play or run on the green field.

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