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Medical News

The hospital staff having a hands-on exercise on sorting recyclables.【Photograph by Gan Chian Nee】

Kuala Lumpur General Hospital hopes to save Planet Earth in addition to saving lives. Its Management gathered some 150 staff representatives from its 49 departments to learn about recycling and waste reduction from Tzu Chi and other organizations.

TIMA member, Dr Chua Mei Ping explaining Tzu Chi to fellow medical personnel before the talk begin.【Photograph by Tan Siong Kee】

Tzu Chi Muar held their first tea-talk for medical personnel at Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital and promoted the foundation's Medical and Environmental Protection Missions. After the talk, Dr Chen Zhi Xin has decided to get involved in activities related to the two missions.

Rohani became a donating member of Tzu Chi because she knew that Tzu Chi is helping people of all races and religions.【Photograph by Yap Jod Kiang】

A joint health screening by Tzu Chi volunteers, KL City Council and the residents' association was held at Sri Semarak Public Housing Scheme to improve the residents' health awareness. Tzu Chi volunteers also promoted recycling to the residents.

Tzu Chi volunteers have not only provided transportation but they have also comforted the nervous Grandma.【Photograph by Ho Wen Yee】

The Centre for Sight in Petaling Jaya, which has been providing free eye check-ups and eye operations to the poor in society, had allotted six free cataract operations for Tzu Chi's care-recipients. Grandma Deng Di was one of the beneficiaries.

Tzu Chi volunteer comforting a child who refused to be screened while Dr Ng Kok Han provided caring to the parent.【Photograph by Ng Bee Kheng】

On May 22, 2010, Tzu Chi volunteers provided dental screening at Selayang Religious School. The 28 children, who were found to require dental treatment, were treated at Tzu Chi Pudu Free Clinic on May 29.

Kuala Lumpur medical team get-together taking place at Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur.【Photograph by Tan Ka Hong】

A get-together was organized on April 22, 2010, to enable the Kuala Lumpur medical team to share their free clinic experiences and Dr Ng Poh Yin to share her joy in promoting environmental protection in the hospital.

Photos by Wong Twee Hee & Low Hai Loon

CEO of Tzu Chi Singapore, Brother David Liu (farthest right), presenting the mobile dental chairs and a portable dental equipment case gifted by TIMA Taiwan to Chief Officer of Ratnapura's Department of Health , Dr Kapila (second from right), and Superintendent of Base Hospital-Kahawatta, Dr Tissa Perera third from right).

More than half a year after holding the first free clinic in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, a 109-strong team from Singapore and Malaysia returned to the mountainous province on March 10, 2010 to relieve the sickness of the locals.

Indica (second from left) and her peers were excited about putting on the TIMA uniform for the first time.【Photograph by Wong Twee Hee】

Dr Kapila, Dr Tissa and Dr Panditham were the first few TIMA members in Sri Lanka. After serving in the 2nd free clinic, 60 local medical personnel also joined TIMA as members. With the set-up of the local TIMA Chapter, more positive forces could be gathered to relieve the Sri Lankans of their suffering.

Klang TIMA's Spring Festival get-together taking place at Klang office.【Photograph by Shawn Ang Shin Lian】

TIMA Klang held its annual Spring Festival get-together on March 7 at Tzu Chi Klang's office. Medical volunteers took the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings.

Volunteers presented a cake to Deng Hui Wen to celebrate the success of his surgery and to mark a new beginning for his life【Photograph by Loh Siew Chien】

On January 2, 2009, Deng Hui Wen, who had leg Lymphedema, returned home with a slimmer leg after spending more than a month of treatment at Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Centre. He now has a wish to fulfill when he fully recovers.

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