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Beginning June 1997, Tzu Chi extended its love and care to patients in general hospitals. Over the past ten years, hospital authorities noted that Tzu Chi volunteers were the most disciplined, competent, efficient team with the lowest absenteeism. In many instances, volunteers would organize follow-up visits after patients were discharged from hospital. Some of these patients became long-term Tzu Chi beneficiaries. In some cases Tzu Chi volunteers were asked for help when the hospital authorities could not trace the next of kin of elderly patients in their critical final moments.

Great Love in Action

In Johor, the Tzu Chi hospital volunteers who were on duty in the Kluang Hospital came across a patient who was seriously injured in a road accident. The young man, known as Jamiyus, was a native of Sabah. He came to Kluang to find employment before the ill-fated accident struck. He was paralyzed and in a vegetated state after the accident. His family could not afford to make the journey to see him, and neither could they bring him back although they knew he was in a critical condition and dying. Finally, Tzu Chi came to the rescue. Nine air tickets were booked for him back to Sabah, as he had to travel in a lying position. A week later, he passed away peacefully, his final wish of seeing his parents and family granted.