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Be it senior citizens or people with walking difficulties, everyone has seized the opportunity to devote themselves to the sutra performance of Dharma as Water. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

Many at 50, and with fading memory, will try to run away from exhaustive and complex activities. Those physically unwell and with illness will choose to stay and rest at home. But there is a group who, despite their illnesses, will go against all odds to put in all their efforts in the sutra performance on “Dharma as Water”. Seven months into their practice, they have become more energetic and joyful, undeterred by their physical challenges.

On April 25, 274 performers from Muar arrived at the mock stage in Melaka Cheng Industrial Estate for practice for the first time. [Photograph by Sen Ah Wat]

Seventy-four-year-old Teh Poi Kim has a deeper understanding about the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect after taking part in the sutra adaptation performance; and he has started to give generously and is kind to others. Nurtured by Dharma teachings, Tey Soo Lee and Tay Soo Wee have both eradicated their ill-temper, thus bringing joy and happiness to their families.

Tan Son Hong and Sin Me Lan felt it is a rare opportunity to encounter such Dharma assembly. [Photograph by Choo Kok Choi]

“Tzu Chi Taiwan staged a large-scale sutra performance after more than 40 years but Tzu Chi Malaysia is blessed with the opportunity after 20 years, hence I registered for it immediately,” said Sin Me Lan, a grateful participant. Her husband, Tan Son Hong added, “This may be the only chance for us to join in such a blissful Dharma assembly.”

Tan See Teck seized the opportunity to partake in the sutra adaptation performance despite his health conditions. His greatest challenge is his poor memory. [Photograph by Lim Chin Tong]

As the Water Repentance sutra adaptation performance is fast approaching, Tan See Teck and wife practise the hand gestures at home daily in addition to attending group practices. It is See Teck’s earnest hope to propagate the Dharma through the performance.

To Zhang Xiu Mei, participating in the sutra performance has enabled her to deeply comprehend the sutra, thereby eliminating her emotional afflictions. [Photograph by Lee Wei Kean]

On March 29, 2015, volunteer Zhang Xiu Mei practised the steps for the song “Life after Life on the Path of Enlightenment” with the rest. To her, this is not just a performance, but a mental cleansing as well.

Teoh Sor Hui, guide reader of the study group, explained the real definition of killing: having the intention to kill, taking the action to kill and being killed. [Photograph by Boon Wui Kong]

Tzu Chi volunteers from Central and Southern Malaysia will be staging a sutra adaptation performance on Dharma as Water in July 2015. To stage this grand Buddhist event, community volunteers have intensified their practices; and with the sutra being played repeatedly, volunteers have taken the Dharma to heart by repenting and observing vegetarianism.

Tey Kak learnt diligently and overcame her frustration arising from her inability to grasp the movements. [Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang]

Tey Kak felt blessed to encounter “Dharma as Water” sutra adaptation performance before she turns 60. Thus, she registered herself as a performer without hesitation. She was later assigned to take charge of the “Sea of Great Love” team, though reluctant but felt shy to push back. Upon overcoming many psychical and mental challenges, she has turned her worries into commitment, and decided to grasp this opportunity to fulfil her wish to perform.

Chong Choi Ha practising the song, “Vow with Utmost Sincerity”, at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. [Photograph by Tia Yee Ling]

After suffering from illness, Chong Choi Ha stood in the formation of the Water Repentance sutra adaptation performance with a bright and confident smile. She performed the sign language while singing, “We vow to turn the Realm of Hell into a Pure Land by eliminating karmic obstacles. We vow to turn our animosity to goodwill…”

On the mock stage for the first time and seeing the various markings and lines, volunteers were troubled and confused. [Photograph by Kan Yuet Wei]

Volunteer Tai Kim Long felt joyful beyond words when standing on the stage he helped construct. But, he made many mistakes with his hand coordination as he was nervous. First timer, Dr Chan Bee Keow, was tense and nervous, as she worried about tripping and falling down the stairs, hence affecting other performers.

Goh Mea Seng shared that, “Seclusion is not the way to spiritual cultivation. To walk the Bodhisattva Path, we need to serve among the multitude. The same applies for drumming. We cannot play at our own pace without synchronizing with others.” [Photograph by Choo Kok Choi]

 Formed by 29 members of the Tzu Chi KL & Selangor’s Entrepreneurs’ Group, the Drum Team overcomes stress with great vows and diligent practices, hoping to present a dignified performance in the upcoming Dharma assembly.

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