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Joy Lu (middle) correcting the sign language formation while Lin Chia Hua (right) took note of each correction. Gao Jia Jing (left), staff of Tzu Chi Taiwan, was also there to provide assistance. [Photograph by Lee Kok Keong]

On June 5, 2015, Joy Lu, Planner and Director of the Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance in Taiwan, and her team spent three days in Malaysia to share their knowledge with local performers, as well as conduct an acceptance review of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor’s staging of the Dharma as Water performance in July 2015. Local performers not only improved their skills but also developed better awareness towards the significance of the performance.

Body language performance was never easy, thus everyone went all out to practise together on the challenging stunts and facial expressions. [Photograph by Thin Ket Yong]

In the upcoming Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance, the body language team is made up of a group of passionate non-professionals like students, public members and young volunteers. Prior to the arrival of coaches from Taiwan, the team has learnt from video presentation. As body language is never easy, they have gone all out to practise the challenging stunts and facial expressions together.

Lim Zi Ren has lived up to the expectations of his coaches. His mother warmly embraced him and everyone could feel their determination in grasping the Dharma. [Photograph by Choo Kok Choi]

When the song “Perfect and Radiant Buddha Nature” was played, Lim Zi Ren, who was standing on the mock stage, slowly extended his right hand, turned his body around and then raised both hands to draw a circle. Volunteer Ang Cheng Peng held back her tears while Mrs Lim gave a comforting smile. At this moment, everyone started to applaud.

The verse, “The Law of Karma never fails” is deeply ingrained in Fong Mooi Kin’s mind. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

Fong Mooi Kin has been practising sign language and memorizing and chanting verses for the upcoming Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance. At night, she used to cry herself to sleep. However, after much self-reflection, she realized that she must repent for the past sins she had created.

Volunteers from Klang would go to Pulau Ketam monthly to join the islanders under the “Light of Great Love” in their practice. [Photograph by Lee Wei Kean]

Pulau Ketam is an off-shore century old village of Klang. Four years ago, Tzu Chi volunteers set up a recycling centre to facilitate recycling activities so that garbage will not be thrown into the sea. Now, Dharma is brought to the island through the local volunteers’ participation in Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance. Despite the many challenges faced, these volunteers have persisted in leading the islanders in performing sign language at the “Light of Great Love” section.

Liew Lee Ying marked her father’s death anniversary as her “Repentance Day”, but her years of repentance had been confined to sutra chanting, upholding vegetarianism and merits dedication to her late father. But these could not eradicate the bitterness in her. [Photograph by Teh Poh Tat]

Liew Lee Ying has marked the date of her father’s death anniversary as her “Repentance Day”. Her method of repentance all these years had been confined to sutra chanting, upholding vegetarianism and merits dedication to her late father. However, these efforts could not eradicate the bitterness that she had built within. “It is only normal for one to wish for longevity for one’s parents, so how could I blurt out a depraving remark like, ‘Is it a right decision saving dad?’”

Tan Chin Loo (front) and his wife Chong Sook Fong (back) study the Dharma as Water sutra together. Not only it purifies their heart, they learnt to repent on their previous wrongdoings and establish good relationship with others. [Photograph by Tia Yee Ling]

By enlarging and displaying the doll images and sutra scriptures in his living room, Tan Chin Loo could read the phonetics under the scriptures and learn them diligently. He and his wife, Chong Sook Fong, would practise, study, discuss and remind each other daily of the correct movements. They often have different experiences and would be moved to tears when chanting certain verses.

Li Shan Shan used to vent her anger on her husband over trivial matters, but has changed after participating in sutra performance. The couple felt particularly happy when looking at each other during practice. [Photograph by Low Mai Yin]

Due to their cultural differences, Li Shan Shan, a Mainland Chinese, and her Malaysian husband, James Chan, often argued over trivial matters. However, ever since their participation in the sutra performance of “Dharma as Water”, they have established a blissful and joyful married life, together with a sense of contentment and gratitude.

A personal experience of karmic retribution led Tan Cheng Hock to go deep into the performance of Dharma as Water with a great sense of appreciation and repentance. [Photograph by Quek Kah Hoon]

Volunteer Tan Cheng Hock scalded her arm and as a result, a pork-chop like scar was formed. She knew it was karmic forces at work and repented deeply for what she had done. Henceforth, she puts all her soul into the sutra adaptation performance of “Dharma as Water”. Through this incident, her children were able to perceive the concept of Karmic Law of Cause and Effect.

Through the story of Master Wu Da, Teong Chwee Le understood that what we experienced is the result of the karma we had created in the past; it is not necessarily that we have not been good enough in this life. Thus, she opened up her heart to accept the reality. [Photograph by Teh Poh Tat]

Teong Chwee Le is thankful that her participation in the Water Repentance sutra adaptation performance has helped her to accept the fact that she has cancer calmly. She said, “I told myself, so long as I repent sincerely, I can surely survive it. Just like the verses: ‘the Samadhi Dharma water cleanses, purifying the sins of all beings’, I will let the Dharma water purify my sins so that my next life will be better and I will be awakened sooner to walk on the Bodhisattva Path.”

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