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Volunteers from various locations gathered at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall for practice and correction, in readiness for the upcoming sutra performance. [Photograph by Ivan Ooi Yoong Seong]

With the “Dharma as Water” sutra adaptation performance scheduled on July 4 & 5, participants from various locations in Malaysia have been travelling to KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall for their monthly group rehearsals. This is to ensure their gestures and movements are perfectly synchronized.

The deeper Yong Hock Ann studies the sutra scriptures, the deeper his self-realization. [Photograph by Quek Kah Hoon]

The world is imbalanced, with man-made and natural disasters occurring one after another. Tzu Chi Melaka hopes that through Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance, the public can better understand the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect, repent for their misconduct, and cleanse their minds with Dharma water, thereby liberating themselves and others.

Thanks to the Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance, Lim Seo Hoe and her son, Tey Yi Xian, released their grievances and confessed their love for each other. [Photograph by Kevin Tan Kok Sieong]

Lim Seo Hoe and her youngest son, Tey Yi Xian, live in Mentakab and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Despite the physical distance, their hearts are brought together thanks to the Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance, which has helped them to release their grievances and embrace each other with love.

As a sign language coach, Sia Ah Tong has to comprehend the sutra verses besides practising the sign language diligently. [Photograph by Tia Yee Ling]

Growing up in a fishing village, it was only sensible to treat marine lives as cuisine. Without realizing that I had already established negative affinity with the beings, I deemed it necessary to use pest control. Fortunately, I was blessed to encounter Buddha’s teaching. I repented for my past killings and became mindful of my food cravings. I have adopted vegetarianism and cultivated respect for all lives.

After being vegetarians, Shim Kim Lian and her daughter’s health has improved significantly. [Photograph by Alex Tan Ah Lek]

“I used to have serious gastric and stomach wind, and had difficulty breathing! Now, it only recurs when I do not take my meals regularly, and would go away shortly after,” said Shim Kim Lian happily. Her daughter, Yang Wei Ying echoed, “Previously, whenever I ate meat, I would get gastric. After becoming a vegetarian, that issue vanished.” Both mother and daughter took to vegetarianism to keep illnesses at bay.

Besides learning the sign language, Lee Kin Chee also helped other fellow volunteers, one of whom is Loo Jun Jiang. [Photograph by Quek Kah Hoon]

Relying on phonetics to memorize the sutra and making full use of any spare time to learn the sign language, Lee Kin Chee managed to absorb the sutra and thus, cleansed his mental defilements. By participating in the sutra performance, he has eliminated many bad habits and is now a better person.

The local artistes had their fourth rehearsal on May 30. Although it was just a rehearsal, Laurens Teo (from right), Mike Chuah and Remon Lim were totally into their roles. [Photograph by Low Mai Yin]

On May 30, 2015, local artistes had their fourth rehearsal for the Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. With encouragement from the co-ordinating volunteer, Chong Li Lei, eight artistes decided to try out a 30-day vegetarian diet with the hope of demonstrating the significance of deep repentance.

Through understanding the Dharma, Har Lai Choo has realized that before transforming others, one must first transform oneself. Photo shows her teaching the performing volunteers the correct hand gestures. [Photograph by Koh Poo Leng]

Volunteer Har Lai Choo has taken time off her busy schedules to do meaningful things. She has turned the recycling centre into a practice venue for the Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance to enable the elderly to refine their hand gestures through repeated practices.

Tan Sin Hin, who has never hit a drum, has joined the Drum Team for the upcoming Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance. [Photograph by Choo Kok Choi]

Tan Sin Hin, an alcoholic for 30 years, has given up drinking. He could even resist temptation from friends and would substitute alcohol with tea. When being invited for a drink, he would answer politely, “I had consumed much in the past, it is time to give my body a rest.”

For Ho Yoon Siew (centre), participation in the sutra performance has released her hatred towards her mother for the past 38 years. [Photograph by Loke Kim Seong]

During the sign language practice for Dharma as Water sutra adaptation performance, Ho Yoon Siew could not hold back her tears upon hearing the lyrics, and in particular, the phrase, “in the boundless sea of suffering”, from the song, “Walking the Path of Enlightenment Life after Life”. Finally, she found herself breaking free from the acute pain inside her and slowly eliminate the hatred she had towards her mother for the past 38 years.

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