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Recycle News

Tzu Chi representative and Ketam Island residents stepping on aluminium cans to mark the official opening of the recycling centre.【Photograph by Soh Teck Hing】

Tzu Chi volunteers' aspiration to set up a recycling centre on Ketam Island, off Port Klang, Selangor, came into fruition after they spent two months converting the premises of an abandoned power company into a recycling centre. On October 15, 2011, the centre was officially opened.

Tzu Chi volunteers showing shirts and pants made of recycled PET bottles to the officials.【Photograph by Low Siew Lian】

The Melaka State Government has set up an Induction Committee to implement its "Green Technology Town Programme". They also invited Tzu Chi to share its experience on how to implement environmental protection measures in offices.

With the red cloth unveiled, Tzu Chi's PJ Old Town Recycling Centre is officially opened.【Photograph by Tan Eik】

After many hiccups and anticipation, Tzu Chi's PJ Old Town Recycling Centre finally opened on September 16, 2011 (Malaysia Day) with the blessing of volunteers and the local residents.

The song, "Everyone does recycling" was sung to urge the audience to visit the centre and do recycling.【Photograph by Yap Mee Ling】

After two months of hardwork, two cargo containers on a vacant land was turned into a brand new recycling centre, reflecting Tzu Chi's culture. About 200 volunteers and nearby residents came for its opening ceremony and celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together.

After 2 months of hard work, the Treasure House is opened to the public.【Photograph by Low Mai Yin】

After much planning, and with the kind blessings of many volunteers, the first “Treasure House” in Kuala Lumpur, was opened in Jinjang on August 7, 2011. In this outlet, you can find all kinds of items collected by Tzu Chi volunteers from their recycling stations and points.

The young recycling soldiers expertly sorting out recyclables from the bins.【Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen】

This year's “Melaka Carnival” was held at Pay Fong 2 Chinese Primary School, with all proceeds from the sales going towards upgrading the school's infrastructures. Tzu Chi Melaka was invited to promote environmental protection at this event.

The children giving their mothers a leg massage. Most mothers were moved to tears by the intimate interaction.【Photograph by Lim Yeong Yih】

On June 19, 2011, Tzu Chi volunteers celebrated Parents' Day at the recycling point in front of Bandar Utama Secondary School. Besides doing recycling on this Environmental Day, parents were given a massage by their children. Happy laughter filled the air...

Volunteers and guests crushing the PET bottles to mark the opening.【Photograph by Lim Chin Tong】

On June 12, 2011, another community recycling centre of Tzu Chi was officially opened at 9th Mile Village, Cheras. Present at the event were the Municipal Councillor of Kajang, the Village Committee, the Centre’s landlord, Tzu Chi volunteers and villagers.

Tzu Chi has been promoting the concept of environmental protection at the Wesak procession in the past five years. This year, they focused on promoting vegetarianism.【Photograph by Fan Kock Keong】

The Wesak procession always attracts many local residents and tourists. Tzu Chi volunteers participated in this event by focusing on their campaign, "Save Our Earth with Vegetarianism".

Volunteers guiding the public in the proper way to recycle.【Photograph by Ng Woan Chi】

Tzu Chi Melaka was an invited participant in the recent "Organ Donation Awareness Campaign" organized by Melaka's Health Department. Volunteers seized the opportunity to promote the concepts of environmental protection at this event.