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Recycle News

With the help of volunteer Tan Chin Wah, the Head of Windmill Care Centre, Kiu Yee Ni (right) showed a table made out of cardboard to encourage everyone to recycle. [Photograph by Koh Poo Leng]

Tzu Chi Dato Dagang Recycling Education Centre in Klang welcomed its first group of visitors, comprising children, teachers and parents from Windmill Care Centre, since its re-opening. Volunteers educated the visitors on environmental protection through a sketch on conservation of water, electricity and food; and children were also involved in sorting recyclables.

Residents of Rumah Lebong happily did recycling, and even thought of keeping the resources in a sack bag for easy carrying. [Photograph by Yong Chee Ing]

Following the aid distribution after the Bintulu flood on February 4, 2015, Tzu Chi has been extending help to Ruman Lebong. Its leader, Lebong Ak Luang shared that, “This is the third time Tzu Chi has offered their help to this longhouse, and I hereby express my deepest thanks on behalf of the residents. We can only reciprocate by doing recycling.” According to Lebong, they will try to carry out recycling at the end of each month to coincide with their monthly clean-up.

Environmental protection volunteers visited SK (2) Jalan Batu Tiga to promote environmental protection. Volunteer Lee Sor Goh explained the environmental protection’s finger formula to the students. [Photograph by Lai Kin Hoong]

Environmental protection is a pressing issue, and it is just as pressing to instill the concept of environmental protection from a young age. Hence the programme, “Proactively promote good-neighbourly relations”, was launched. Tzu Chi volunteers will visit schools; and with the school’s permission, prepare a series of teaching materials related to environmental protection to teach students about environmental protection in a fun and interesting way.

Volunteer Hou Chun Hui utilized the information on the board to share with the public the “Five good deeds a day”, that is, adopting a vegetarian diet, saving water, saving power, using portable tableware and changing modes of transportation. [Photograph by Ng Pei Sze]

It is a typical outcome for the streets to be cluttered with rubbish after the parade of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Tzu Chi volunteers took to the streets to lead by example, taking the initiative to bend down to pick up recyclables.

Under the blazing sun, the group is digging for “treasure”, not leaving out the rubbish bin. [Photograph by Goh Ah Lian]

If it was not for the opportunities to do recycling, this group of teenagers in Machap Baru New Village will probably be spending their leisure time playing video games, watching movie, playing sports or perhaps sleeping. Now, instead of spending time on those activities, they have brought changes to the village.

Murugan (in yellow shirt) delivering recyclables to the recycling point. [Photograph by Tan Kim Chew]

Tzu Chi volunteers’ continuous love and care to the residents of Taman Juta, Klang, after it was ravaged by a windstorm, had led to the establishment of the first recycling point within the community this July. It is the residents’ way of reciprocating the love they received and protecting Mother Earth.

The opening of the eighth Tzu Chi recycling point in Tawau. [Photograph by Yeo Teck Hwa]

“I intend to make this place a model community for environmental protection.” Jennifer Hong So Kia, a Tzu Chi volunteer, made this vow when she shifted to Taman Sri Apas in 2012. The eight four-storey apartment blocks house 888 households, where 97% of the residents are Malays.

About 60 volunteers from Kuching and Bintulu arrived at Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, with the mission to learn how to manage and run a community recycling centre and enhance their understanding on their responsibilities in home visits. [Photograph by Lim Su Nguan]

East and West Malaysia belong to one country separated by the South China Sea. As such, the East Malaysian volunteers have fewer opportunities to organize exchanges or attend training courses in West Malaysia. However, with great blessings, about 60 volunteers from Kuching and Bintulu in East Malaysia managed to make a trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit recycling centres and Tzu Chi’s care recipients, as well as, attend the one-day Charity-cum-Recycling Training Course.

Representative of the organizer presented a token of appreciation to Tzu Chi representative Ng Kim Poh. [Photograph by Alex Tan Ah Lek]

PET bottles can be made into clothes? What other water-saving tips? Doing charity through recycling? These were the questions raised when Tzu Chi volunteers promoted environmental protection in conjunction with the Melaka State Government among the Malay community, in a move towards achieving a green city.

The study tour group of 25 students and 3 teachers visiting Tzu Chi’s recycling centre in Batu Berendam. [Photograph by Brandon Lee Ling Shiao]

On March 22, 2014, at 9 am sharp, 25 students from SJK (T) Ladang Kemuning Kru, accompanied by three teachers, arrived at the Tzu Chi Melaka Branch, for a study tour at the Branch compound and Tzu Chi’s recycling centre in Batu Berendam. The teachers and students benefitted enormously from the 3-hour session filled with knowledge and Tzu Chi culture.

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