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Recycle News

The staff responding positively to the pledge to go vegetarian and save the Earth.【Photograph by Lee Szee Lei】

Daibochi Plastic has taken various green measures, such as, water conservation, recycling, vegetarianism and banning the use of polystyrene food containers since 2008. On April 22, 2010, the management held a series of activities to mark Earth Day. Tzu Chi was invited to give a talk.

The volunteers brought along the samples of recyclables so that the audiences can easily identify what can be recycled.【Photograph by Koh Sin Choon】

On April 16, 2009, Tzu Chi volunteers promoted environmental protection concepts to the teachers at SJK (C) Yuk Yin, Keningau.

Participants were divided into small groups to share their thoughts and suggestions.【Photograph by Ong Seng Yeow】

After experiencing water shortages during the 2010 Lunar New Year, Kluang's residents have become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Hence, Kluang conducted a seminar to update volunteers on the latest trends in environmental protection.

Everyone present is in awe that PET bottles can actually be used to make shirts and blankets.

Students of Malay Women Campus Remedial Education Faculty, Institute of Teachers Education Malaysia, launched the "Just Say No to Polystyrene" Campaign. Tzu Chi Melaka was invited to talk about environmental protection.

A scene at Tzu Chi's exhibition corner at IOI Mall, Puchong.【Photograph by Leong Chian Yee】

Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur participated in the "Changing the Climate Together with IOI Group" Campaign from March 1 - 27. Tzu Chi held an exhibition at this IOI Group's "Go Green" event at IOI Mall, Puchong, and gave a talk to their staff at their headquarters.

Fifteen companies and ten NGOs joined the 'Going Green in the Office' Activity organized by Gerakan Youth.【Photograph by Chong Wei Seng】

On March 13, 2010, Tzu Chi volunteers gave a talk on environmental protection in conjunction with the "Going Green at the Office" activity initiated by the Youth Wing of Malaysian People's Movement Party (Gerakan).

The nurses of Tong Shin Hospital gathered to celebrate the International Nurses' Day.【Photograph by Wong Poh Fatt】

To highlight Mother Earth's urgent need for love and care, the Deputy Chief Matron of Tung Shin Hospital invited Tzu Chi to promote environmental protection to her nursing staff. This was held in conjunction with the International Nurses' Day Celebration.

A volunteer explaining to visitors that the shirt is made from 16 pieces of recycled PET bottles.【Photograph by Lee Szee Lei】

On January 15, 2010, Infineon Technologies (Melaka) held their Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Awareness Campaign. Tzu Chi volunteers were on hand to promote Tzu Chi's concepts on environmental protection and charity through the "Bamboo Bank".

The New Year's Day public holiday was meaningful for volunteers in Keningau, because they took the opportunity to do Mother Earth a favor by sorting recyclables.【Photograph by Chong Wun Hong】

Tzu Chi volunteers in Keningau chose to do recycling on New Year's Day instead of celebrating it in the traditional way with fireworks, sumptuous dinners and other forms of activities.

This is the first environmental protection talk at a temple by Tzu Chi Klang's volunteers.【Photograph by Gan Kok Heng】

Knowing that Tzu Chi is actively promoting environmental protection, committee members of Sun Fu Gong Temple, located at Pandamaran, Klang, invited Tzu Chi volunteers to participate in their environmental protection campaign which took place on August 2.

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