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Recycle News

zu Chi volunteers and villagers picking up rubbish from the monsoon drain.【Photograph by Ng Hock Thai】

On December 12, 2010, Tzu Chi volunteers led the villagers in Kampung Limbongan in cleaning up their neighbourhood. The aim was to train and instill upon the villagers the importance of protecting their environment.

Melaka's Chief Minister (left) presenting a souvenir to Tzu Chi's representative, Tan Peng Hong (right).【Photograph by Yong Siew Lee】

Tzu Chi's environmental protection work has impressed many people. As the theme for this year's MITS 2010 is "Go Green", its organizer invited Tzu Chi to hold an exhibition and to be one of the four speakers at their conference.

A view of the environmental protection awareness exhibition.【Photograph by Low Mai Yin】

On November 21, 2010, Tzu Chi volunteers went to the densely populated housing estate of Desa Park City to hold an environmental protection exhibition. The aim was to make the residents more aware of the environmental protection issue.

The volunteers teaching the public how to sort the recyclables from the rubbish.【Photograph by Chong Fook Lin】

Tzu Chi volunteers from Malim Zone took advantage of the public holiday to invite participants of their Parent-Child Bonding Class to their beach clean-up/family day activity. Everyone enjoyed the exercise tremendously, besides learning many valuable lessons.

Sister Yang Mei Jiao explaining the process of eco-enzyme-making to the visitors.【Photograph by Tan Soon Long】

Kota Tinggi Town Council held a carnival to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle aimed at building a green and clean Malaysia. At this carnival, Tzu Chi volunteers were involved in the clean-up exercise, recycling, as well as, educating the public on environmental issues.

Mr Chong explained: The matured compost is free of foul smell.【Photograph by Tham Yok Seng】

A group of gardening enthusiasts turned up at Tzu Chi's recycling station in Bahau to learn about compost making.

A total of 26 people showed their interest in Tzu Chi's recycling activity.【Photograph by Lau Poh Ling】

Volunteers were on hand to promote environmental protection and recycling at the Mt Lambak mountaineering-cum-recycling activity jointly organized by Malaysia's Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Tourism, Tzu Chi and other organizations in Kluang.

The 4-member Team promoting environmental protection measures and vegetarianism to visitors.【Photograph by Lee Kok Keong】

Tzu Chi volunteers held an environmental exhibition at Chempaka Buddhist Lodge's Mid-Autumn Carnival on September 25, 2010. Volunteers moved as mobile billboards to attract public attention on the importance of environmental protection to save Mother Earth.

This is a view of the 'little wooden hut' with piles of resources waiting to be sorted.【Photograph provided by Tzu Chi Klang】

Tzu Chi's Environmental Protection Mission started 20 years ago with Master Cheng Yen's call to "Please use your pair of hands to do recycling". Today, millions of pairs of hands are working hard to protect Mother Earth. Tzu Chi Klang's volunteers celebrated the occasion by organizing a Thanksgiving party for its recycling volunteers.

A mother and her four children brought in a big bag of plastic bottles. A Tzu Chi volunteer taught them the sorting method.【Photograph by Hong Geok Hui】

In July 2010, a flash flood brought Tzu Chi volunteers to Kg. Limbongan. After the emergency relief operation, the volunteers held a health screening activity for the villagers; and later on Tzu Chi Environmental Day, a recycling station was also set up in the village.

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