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The Central-South Tzu Chi Malaysia Teenagers' Class was inaugurated in early 1996. In the following year, Tzu Chi Melaka conducted its first annual Teenagers' Camp. From then on, all Tzu Chi 's Liaison and Branch Offices in Malaysia, started to conduct monthly classes to educate the teenagers in humanities and to get them involved in various outdoor activities. The classes will instill upon them the happiness of selfless giving and allow them to appreciate and cherish things in life. The setup of the Teenagers' Class also allows the children from the graduating Children's Class to continue to grow in an environment full of love; and at the same time, enable them to immerse in the beauty of Tzu Chi's spirit, thereby contributing to a compassionate and harmonious society.

Every month, and through a series of activities, students from the Tzu Chi Teenagers' Class have the opportunity to sow the seeds of goodness and love in the hearts of the young. The life of the students is enriched through their visits to welfare organizsations, educational outdoor activities, recycling, and so on. Through such activities, they also learn to appreciate things better and understand the joy and happiness of giving.

Tzu Chi teenagers will congregate at Melaka Tzu Chi for the annual camp. Other than inculcating the Tzu Chi's culture and spirit of humanity, the Camp also included a number of fun and lively activities for the teens to rediscover themselves. Such classroom and activity based programs would enable them to learn and discover things that they would not be taught in school. It is hoped that under the influence of Tzu Chi's culture and spirit of humanity, these groups of normally rebellious youngsters would make good use of their youth to contribute positively, not only to their own lives but to others as well.