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In order to put into practice the concept of Tzu Chi's daily life education, Tzu Chi Melaka formed its Teachers' Association on 2 September 1997. The use of Still Thoughts Education is encouraged in members' schools and a storytelling approach is widely used to highlight moral lessons and values. It is hoped that this new education method will instill the spirit of compassion and love among teachers, students and parents. When they internalize such values into their daily lives, the cycle of kindness among them will prevail.

Scholarships for the Poor

Investigations by Tzu Chi revealed that many students, some with good academic results, from poor families are forced to study in a harsh environment while others stop schooling and opt for odd jobs in order to lessen their family's financial burden. Tzu Chi decided to help these students in the form of scholarships. Tzu Chi never expects repayment from these beneficiaries hoping only that they receive a good education, become good citizens and contribute to society someday.