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Education News

Huang Qi Jun, with gloves on and impaired vision, was struggling when using the chopsticks to pick up food. [Photograph by Yen Yu Chu]

Forgetfulness, clumsiness and slowness in learning are part and parcel of growing old. To the children, old age is so distant, and as such, they may not be able to feel for the elders. So, how do we teach the children to appreciate, respect and love the elderly?

The objective of the Sports Day is not so much of winning or losing. Instead, it was meant for the parents and children to have fun and joy together. [Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen]

The Sports Day event organized by Da Ai kindergarten was fun and meaningful. All the games were related to environmental protection; all with the intention of inculcating awareness of environmental protection in our day to day lives and thus making the environment clean and pure.

Led by Lin Ci Tian (in Tzu Chi’s dress), the Great Love Mothers sang a modified version of the Happy Birthday song to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.[Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

Tzu Chi’s Great Love Mothers’ Team has turned ten! In the past ten years, the Great Love Mothers have been through many ups and downs, yet they continue to influence others with their love, hoping that this love will spread like dandelions.

A volunteer guiding the participants in trash segregation during the 3D2N e-Generation Care-for-Environment Youth Camp. [Photograph by Ong Siew Geok]

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youths (Tzu Chings) worldwide made a promise to join force on May 18, 2014 and engage in environmental protection related activities – unleashing the power of youths to propagate the importance of environmental protection to the world, encouraging everyone to walk amongst the community, to serve mankind, and ushering many to join the ranks of an environmentalist.

On May 15, 2014, Tzu Chi volunteers escorted 150 refugee kids from UNHCR Tzu Chi Education Centres for an outdoor excursion to Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum. [Photograph by Lim Shy Tean]

“The silver coloured planes are fighter jets.”
“The white ones are for training exercises.”
“Now, can anyone tell me what colour are the planes for transportation?”

These were the questions posted by Sergeant Mohd Nizam Bin Sudin to the refugee kids as he guided them on an educational tour of the open air museum in Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), Kuala Lumpur.

Approximately 102 Tzu Ching members gathered in front of the A’Famosa to propagate the concept of “Five Savings”. [Photograph by Huang Fu Tai]

“Approximately 102 Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association (Tzu Ching) members gathered in front of the A’Famosa to propagate the concept of “Five Savings” to protect the environment. Through games, students were given the opportunity to exchange the concepts and ideas of environmental protection with local and foreign tourists. The participants are hoping for the awakening of public concern for the environment in order to make the Earth a better place.”

Melaka Day Care students made sushi  to raise fund for the construction of Melaka Tzu Chi primary and secondary schools. [Photography by Yen Yu Chu]

Tzu Chi Day Care children vowed to prove their determination to help raise fund for the construction of Tzu Chi primary and secondary schools. Their selfless love has touched their fellow younger brothers and sisters at Da Ai Educare Centre, as well as many kind-hearted people who responded and supported them, helping them to move closer to their dream.

The camp started with a finger-guessing game to break the ice. [Photograph by Chia Chee Yong]

The classes for the 12th Batch of Kluang Tzu Chi Teenagers’ Group (Tzu Shao) have commenced on March 22, 2014. As an opening activity, a two-day camp was held for all the 56 members of the Group, with 35 Tzu Chi volunteers taking part to play their roles.

Mothers giving their children, who are graduating from Da Ai Kindergarten, a big hug.【Photograph by Gary Kong Yuen Foo】

On December 1, 2013, twenty-nine 6-year olds from KL Da Ai Educare Centre attended their graduation at the New Era College Auditorium Hall in Kajang. Through a series of heartwarming programmes, they showed their gratitude to their teachers for their guidance and hard work in the past three years. It is hoped that these children will continue to be filial and grateful to their parents.

The relationship between Tong Xiu Chu and her children has improved after attending the Parent-Child Bonding Class.【Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen】

Tzu Chi's Education Team promotes greater interaction between parents and children to enhance their relationship. This move not only attracts more parents and children to join as Tzu Chi volunteers, but it also extends Tzu Chi's educational activity to different community, thereby reaching out to more people.