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“We vow to get 30 students to join us as Tzu Ching members!” A vow by Huang Mei Juan and Wu Xiu Yan had finally add strength to Kuantan Tzu Ching team and to move forward. [Photograph provided by Ng Kim Hua]

Huang Mei Juan and Wu Xiu Yan from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) vowed to get 30 other students to join them as members of Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth (Tzu Ching). Liao Min Tong made a promise: “If I get posted to Kuantan, I promise to guide Tzu Ching members and spur them on!” Because of their sincere vows, Kuantan Tzu Ching members are finally in action!

Volunteers took the refugee children on a learning trip to the Zoo Negara. [Photograph by Lim Choon Huat]

“Bus one!” “Bus six!” “Bus ten!” On September 9, 2015, Tzu Chi volunteers were seen busily getting a large group of 360 refugee children from UNHCR Tzu Chi Education Centres, namely Unity, Joint Effort and Harmony, to queue up at the entrance of Zoo Negara. These children, who rarely had a chance to go on an outing, jabbered excitedly and curiously on the new things around them. With assistance from their teachers, volunteers managed to keep them lining up patiently for 20 minutes before they were finally admitted.

Student Liu Yun Yu offered the granny a massage. [Photograph by Tan Yen Pack]

Parent-child Bonding Class in Melaka organized home visits with the hope of inspiring compassion and kindness within the children and parents. By serving and witnessing the suffering of others, it is also hoped that they will learn to be grateful and contented with what they have, and thereafter, lead a frugal lifestyle and be generous to others.

Yong Poh Boon realized how close a parent-child relationship can get when she showed her love to the elderly together with her son, Sia Zhi Xiang. [Photograph by Lee Eng Foo]

On September 6, 2015, parents and children from Taman Eng Ann and Setia Alam’s Parent-child Bonding Class embarked on a journey of learning through giving at the Rita Handicapped and Disabled Welfare Home.

Photo shows Bong Si Min and her mother joining the home visit together. Through witnessing suffering, they have learnt to appreciate what they have. [Photograph by Chong Fook Lin]A group of six-year-olds from Da Ai Kindergarten had walked out of their comfort zones to visit Tzu Chi’s care recipients with their parents. At the first encounter, some were fearful and awkward, while some interacted warmly. But most of all, they had the chance to meet people from different backgrounds. Both parents and children realized that being healthy and living well are the greatest happiness.

Da Ai kindergarten starts teaching children about environmental protection so that they can implement this not only in school but also at home. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

In view of abnormal climate change and frequent natural disasters worldwide, Da Ai kindergarten in Melaka has incorporated environment protection and “Give Me Five” (savings of water, power, time, fuel and money) into its 2015 curriculum planning. It aims to inspire and guide children and parents to cherish resources and practise environmental protection in their daily lives.

Collecting wire mesh cages filled with recyclables had provided Tzu Chi youths a valuable recycling experience. [Photograph by Lai Kin Hoong]

One can only experience the hardships of island recycling through participation. Accompanied by Tzu Chi volunteers, Tzu Chi Mums and Dads, Taiwan Tzu Chi Youths arrived at Pulau Ketam to experience for themselves what island recycling was all about.

Participants of the 10th Great Love Mothers’ Nurturing Class and their mentors presented a sign language performance. [Photograph by Tan Guat Khoon]

On the evening of July 25, 2015, 41 participants and families of the 10th Great Love Mothers’ Nurturing Class celebrated the completion of their lessons in an event organized by Tzu Chi Klang. The new batch of Great Love Mothers and volunteers jointly performed the sign language interpretations of two beautiful songs, “Contentment” and “Because of You, Because of Me”. Their graceful performances drew rounds of applause from the audience.

Su Yi Chun (right, kneeling) showed her care for a grandpa at the old folks’ home. [Photograph by Alex Tan Ah Lek]

True to its name, the Happiness Centre for the Mentally Disabled Children, and the Machap Baru Old Folks’ Home had one special day on which their residents were pampered by students with massaging, feeding and housekeeping services.

Volunteers led the children in singing “Filial Piety Cannot Wait” and performing sign language. [Photograph by Lee Nyee Fai]

Tzu Chi Seremban volunteers were invited to give a talk on “Gratitude towards Our Parents” at a Buddhist camp organized by the Jelebu branch of the Malaysian Buddhist Association. Designed to avoid ennui, the course employed slides, team-building activities and handicrafts to help children understand filial piety and turn their devotion into action.

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