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The teenagers were given a lesson on serving etiquette a month before the actual activity.【Photograph by Loh Siew Chien】

As part of their effort to promote vegetarianism, Tzu Chi Melaka's teenagers prepared vegetarian snacks to the great enjoyment of all participants of the Parent-Child Bonding Class.

Principal Dai Song Lai thought the seminar was an eye-opener. He has learnt more about Tzu Chi and gained inspirations through it.【Photograph by Chong Ho Teck】

On August 28, 2010, Tzu Chi Melaka held a successful Cultural Seminar for primary school teachers at Melaka Jing-Si Hall. A total of 540 principals and teachers from 26 Chinese primary schools in Melaka attended this seminar.

The closing ceremony ended with a performance by the children.【Photograph by Lim Siow Keat】

It was the Closing Ceremony for the 2010 Great Love Mothers' Nurturing Class in Klang. Participants performed what they had learned and shared their joy at the ceremony.

The final programme saw participants and volunteers collecting rubbish and recyclables on the beach.【Photograph by Lim Ong Heng】

The Teenagers' Class of Tzu Chi Kuantan held their lesson on "Purify Mind through Environmental Protection" at Taman Gelora. The teenagers learned about the importance of environmental protection through games and beach cleaning activity.

High 5 Bread Town is an attraction for visitors of all ages. Besides the fun and excitement, it also enables visitors to learn about the history and the bread-making process.【Photograph by Gan Chian Nee】

Tzu Chi volunteers and teachers of UNHCR Tzu-Chi Education Centres in Kuala Lumpur brought their students to High 5 Bread Town to learn about the history of bread and to see for themselves the process of bread-making.

The children performing the Buddha Bathing Ceremony so meticulously and sincerely. The atmosphere is extremely solemn.【Photograph by Lai Sui Chin】

A Buddha Bathing Ceremony was held at the Kuala Lumpur and Melaka Da Ai Educare Centres respectively. The 4 - 6 year old children, who meticulously performed the ceremony, have all learnt wisdom and compassion from the Buddha.

Under the hot sun, the children toil the soil with hoes. 【Photograph by Lee Szee Lei】

Every meal, tasty dishes will be placed on the table for the children, but they do not know how much hard work was involved prior to the dishes being prepared. After a series of activities, these children learnt about the hard work behind their every meal.

The students working hard to toil the soil.【Photograph by Lim Su San】

On April 10, 2010, students of Tzu Chi Klang's Teenagers' Class experienced the hardwork of a farmer at a vegetable farm. Besides the farming lesson, they also learnt about the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS).

Collegiate Youth cadres receiving their identity cards from David Liu, CEO of Tzu Chi Melaka.【Photograph by Cheong Huey Chiat】

The 11th Collegiate Cadre Training Camp held in Tzu Chi Melaka enabled cadres in the Central and Southern regions to meet and exchange idea. The nine secondary students, who helped in the camp, vowed to be collegiate youth when they are eligible to join.

Tzu Chi volunteers welcoming the students of University Malaysia Pahang, upon their arrival at their office.【Photograph by Ng Chi Keong】

On March 5, 2010, volunteers from Tzu Chi Kuantan held a tea reception for 32 students of Universiti Malaysia Pahang at their office. Their aim was to inspire the youth to be more filial towards their parents and to be compassionate to the less fortunate.

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