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Education News

One of the "human beings" in the game picking his decision card which will have great effect on the fate of the Earth. 【Photograph by Leong Wei Bin】

On March 5 & 6, 2011, Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth at the University of Malaysia, Sarawak (UNIMAS), held a series of activities related to environmental protection in the University's hostel. Fifty-nine students participated in this 2-day Green Movement.

Tea ceremony teacher demonstrating three ways of tea-making.【Photograph by Ng Kee Seng】

Tzu Chi University Continuing Education Centre in Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of courses to members of public. The 1st Semester for 2011 will start soon; and on February 12 to 13, five experimental classes were offered for interested parties to experience the arts or the skills.

A total of 20 families took part in the Children's Camp organized by the Klang Tzu Chi Continuing Education Centre.【Photograph by Yip Kam Seng】

Twenty pairs of parents and children participated in the 2-day "Wisdom Enhancement Camp for Children" held by Klang Tzu Chi Continuing Education Centre. The programmes were designed to instil good manners in children.

During the Deepavali Festival, volunteers visited Siva and his family. Picture shows Gobi serving tosai to the volunteers.【Photograph by Low Siew Lian】

Kalidas stopped schooling after his father was injured in an accident, and had to work to provide for his siblings' education. To repay his brother's kindness, Gobi studied hard and obtained good results.

The Study Grant Presentation Ceremony at Melaka Jing Si Hall.【Photograph by Tan Lian Hee】

Tzu Chi Melaka held five sessions of Study Grant Presentation Ceremony to distribute financial and medical aid to some 2,500 students and their immediate family members. It is hoped that such aid will help to lessen the burden of these low income families.

Some 450 students came for the 'V-Gen Get-Together' held at the auditorium of New Era College.【Photograph by Tee Kim Wooi】

On October 24, some 450 tertiary students gathered at the auditorium of New Era College, Kajang to take part in the "V-Gen Get-Together". Hand-in-hand, they promised to promote vegetarianism and low carbon lifestyle to more people in order to save the Earth.

A total of 10 teams took part in the 'Super Cook' competition.【Photograph by Chong Ho Teck】

Fifty-three collegiate youth members and university students took part in this cooking competition aimed at promoting vegetarianism among the youth. The participants created their own dishes, procured the ingredients and cooked the food all by themselves.

Tzu Chi and UNHCR again jointly organised a Sports day for refugees.【Photograph by Yap Hsien Hui】

Tzu Chi and UNHCR jointly organised another Sports Day for refugees. UNHCR representative, Mr Alan Vernon, hoped to have more partnerships with Tzu Chi in the educational and medical field to improve the quality of the refugees' lives.

Ye Chuan Wei (right) said, 'I feel happy today because I have the chance to show my love to my school, my home and the Earth' 【Photograph by Huang Yu Qing】

"We thought it would be good for the Standard 6 students, who are leaving school soon, to learn more about environmental protection through a street clean-up activity," said the Principal of Khe Beng School.

The teenagers were given a lesson on serving etiquette a month before the actual activity.【Photograph by Loh Siew Chien】

As part of their effort to promote vegetarianism, Tzu Chi Melaka's teenagers prepared vegetarian snacks to the great enjoyment of all participants of the Parent-Child Bonding Class.