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The sign language performance of “Pray for a Bright Future” by students of Parent-child Bonding Class and the honourable guests led the gala dinner to a close. [Photograph by Lai Kin Hoong]

Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur, guided by the principle of “laying the foundation with Great Love, holistic education is the priority”, is going to be a beautiful school filled with love and kindness; with classes commencing in 2020. In order to raise funds for the school, Tzu Chi volunteers engaged different approaches to seek donations. When the Entrepreneurs’ Group of Tzu Chi Klang learnt of the initiation of fundraising activity, they decided to chip in by holding a vegetarian charity dinner.

Twenty-four-year-old Qiqi (left) donates RM3 every month to the building of Tzu Chi International School. Whenever she places money into the bamboo bank, she is happy to be able to help others. On the right is volunteer Ong Saw Tin. [Photography  by Tan Kim Hion]

Before knowing of Tzu Chi, 24-year-old Qiqi was known amongst her neighbours as an infamous young delinquent who was a frequent ‘guest’ at the police station. Unable to bear seeing her loitering in the streets, without a roof over her head, Tzu Chi volunteers placed her in the care of a mental health institute and taught her to be someone who offers help to others.

A group of teachers and students brightly dressed in traditional Malay costumes, welcomed students and parents with traditional Malay greeting custom. [Photograph by Julie Yen Yu Chu]

Hari Raya Aidilfitri. which fell on June 25, 2017, is an important festival celebrated by the Muslims. A month prior to this festival is Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for one month. With Malaysia being a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, Da Ai Kindergarten in Malacca specially held a series of celebrations and activities during the month for the children to get to know the culture and traditions of Muslims.

Leo Choo Thong has been participating in recycling activities for about seven years. [Photograph by Hong Geok Hui]

Leo Choo Thong has some items, like old 1998 newspapers, used envelopes, and so on, well kept in his transparent plastic folders. These ordinary-looking items are his treasures as they carry with them meaningful memories of his life. He had sailed through tough and rough tides, and now, he is leading a new life participating in charitable activities.

Moo Swee Fong (right), Lee Fook Lin (left) and Dao Siew Gaik are volunteers of the same group sewing quilts for the “A Quilt for a Lotus” project for the Tzu Chi International School. [Photograph by Lim Kar Guan]

“I am just a tailor and I know nothing other than sewing. What can I do for the Tzu Chi International School fundraising?” Volunteer Moo Swee Fong thought over it and decided that the best she could do to help is by sewing quilts for charity sale. Hopefully, love will evoke and bloom on the school grounds like flowers on the quilts.

Volunteer Tai Ee Moi (left) passing a receipt for donation of RM30,000 to Granny Leong Ah Chan (middle). Granny Leong happily received it and is grateful for having the chance to do something for the next generation of children. [Photograph by Lim Chin Shein]

A donation receipt for RM30,000 represented Granny Leong Ah Chan’s entire savings over the past 40-plus years. The donated sum is a result of the blood, sweat and tears of her labour throughout her life and is also proof of her loving heart. This receipt has now become the most valuable item in her possession.

Ah Lay (middle) and Soe Ko (left) from Myanmar raised funds for the building of Tzu Chi International School from their countrymen. Whenever someone made a donation, Ah Lay would make a record in his booklet. [Photograph by Tan Kim Hion]

As night fell, Ah Lay Leme and Soe Ko from Myanmar walked through the streets in downtown to raise funds from people they met, including staff at foot massage centres, hotels or restaurants. Regardless of how much money they could raise, they felt extremely happy so long as the person they approached was willing to contribute his/her love.


The sprouting potted plant is full of volunteer Leow Mee Huwa’s love and well wishes for the Tzu Chi International School. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

The pots of lush green plants were cultivated with abundant love from volunteer Leow Mee Huwa. She sowed each seed with well wishes for the Tzu Chi International School to be completed soon, to produce young generations with humanistic qualities.

Kee family started to hold charity sale of vegetarian fish porridge to spread love and kindness since 2013. Picture shows a loyal customer, Wong Siew Chin, arriving at the venue for a take-away and making a donation of RM500. [Photograph by Alex Tan Ah Lek]

The bowls of steaming hot porridge contained the love of the Kee family. Their thoughtfulness in organizing the charity sale has received loyal support from customers, thereby spreading the spirit of love and kindness further and wider.

Each and every rose apple is the result of Angeline’s painstaking care, which also carries with it her well wishes. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

Volunteer Angeline Ong makes good use of her leisure time for the charity sale of rose apples and madeleines, with the hope that Tzu Chi International School could be completed soon, to instill Tzu Chi’s humanistic values in the students and nurture them to become virtuous individuals who will foster peace in society.

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