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Great Love (Da Ai) Mothers performing the sketch "Please Don't Eat Me".【Photograph by Yong Voon Siew】

On June 10, 2012, P.J Parent-Child Bonding Class learnt to save our ailing Earth through recycling and observing vegetarianism. Participants also rehearsed for their "Water Repentance" sign language performance to be held in November.

Principal Guan Chen Yang's (front) shoe broke when playing the tug-of-war. His team lost, but everyone still gave him a warm round of applause.【Photograph by Lee Siew Ngo】

A sports event, organised by the Education Unit of Tzu Chi Kuching, was held at Tabuan Jaya Secondary School on June 10 2012. The event was attended by approximately 180 participants from the Parent-Child Bonding Class and Teenagers' Class, as well as, volunteers and teachers.

Parents and children from PJ Zone's Parent-Child Bonding Class paying a visit to former lepers at Sungai Buloh Hospital.【Photograph by Yong Voon Siew】

On April 29, 2012, 40 volunteers from PJ Mutual Love Zone accompanied 56 pairs (parents-children) of participants from the Parent-Child Bonding Class, on a visit to the Sungai Buloh Hospital, Selangor. There, they provided tender loving care, comfort and joy to the former lepers.

Director of Silent Mentor program Tzu Chi University, Professor Dr Tseng Guo Fang handing over the MoU to UM Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Professor Dr Adeeba bte Kamrulzaman.【Photograph by Lim Yen Kuan】

After years of unfailing efforts, the "Silent Mentor" Cadavers program has eventually attained encouraging results in Taiwan. To cater for medical entities anatomy needs, UMMC, University of Malaya has launched this unprecedented project, after two years of planning by Director of UM MILES Skill Centre, Professor Chin Kin Fah.

The participants were encouraged to save a little money every day in the 'bamboo' piggy bank and donate the savings for good deeds.【Photograph by Tan Lian Hee】

During their 3-month National Service Training, participants from the Air Keroh Camp had the opportunity to attend the humanistic cultural classes held by Tzu Chi Melaka's Collegiate Youth group. At the closing ceremony on March 10, 2012, all participants felt blessed.

In the Jing-Si Aphorism teaching programme, Teacher Li Qiu Yue requested participation from the students in realizing the bad consequences of "losing one's temper".【Photograph by Ng Bee Kheng】

Tzu Chi Teachers' Association dispatched three Taiwanese teachers, namely, Zhu Yan Lun, Li Qiu Yue and Xiao Yi Feng, to Malaysia to disseminate Tzu Chi's "Jing-Si Aphorism Teaching Method" to four schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Jing-Si Books & Cafe.【Photograph by Lee Kok Keong】

KL Tzu Chi University Continuing Education Centre is truly a centre for joyful and relaxed learning. At the graduation ceremony, all graduands knelt on one leg to serve tea to their respective tutors. They also showed their creativity by presenting bizarre and amusing items.

Tzu Chi volunteers were happy to be given this opportunity to share.【Photograph by Wong Siew Chin】

Tzu Chi Seremban gave a talk on "Saving the Earth Starts from Me", in conjunction with the Youth Camp held by the Alumni Association of Kua Min Chinese Primary School. The talk was aimed at raising environmental protection awareness among the teenagers.

The students putting to good use the theory they had learnt in the classroom at the sorting area.【Photograph by Ng Chong Sie】

One November 20, 2011, 20 Myanmar refugees from Tzu Chi's English Learning Programme visited Tzu Chi's Meru Recycling Education Centre in Klang to learn about the importance of environmental protection and recycling; and how to practise it in their daily life.

The graduands performing

For its 10th Graduation Ceremony, Tzu Chi Melaka's Da Ai Educare Centre trained all its 114 students to perform the sutra adaptation of "Dharma As Water" with the hope that the seed of love will be deeply instilled in the minds of the children.

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