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The children were excited about the experience of plucking vegetables themselves.【Photograph by Kueh Kim Meow】

On August 20, 2012, some 150 participants of Parent-Child Bonding Class and volunteers gathered at the 7th Mile, PPDK Padawan, Chung Hua Chinese Primary School for a steamboat lunch.

The children and parents "Crossing the Angke River" hand-in-hand.【Photograph by Tay Chun Wie】

August 19, 2012, was a Sunday, as well as, a public holiday (Aidilfitri Festival). On this day, 47 parents and children from 14 families took the opportunity to participate in the Sports Day event organized by Tzu Chi Tampin at Air Mawang Yoke Hua Chinese Primary School.

The sign language musical was absolutely captivating and impressive.【Photograph provided by Tzu Chi HQ】

Teacher's heart is a Bodhisattva's heart. Love is deep, teaching is complete.
Teacher's heart is a Bodhisattva's heart. Light carries light, heart connects to heart.

Melaka Collegiate Youth responded to the call to recycle and love the Earth with a beach clean-up activity.【Photograph by Kam How Chan】

On July 15, 2012, a group of young people cleaned up the beach at Melaka's Portuguese Settlement and promoted Tzu Chi's environmental protection concepts to the residents. This exercise was held to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association.

These young people showing their love for Mother Earth by doing recycling.【Photograph by Ong Siew Geok】

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association, some 120 youth members from 15 universities and colleges in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor showed their love for Mother Earth by participating in recycling activities on July 15, 2012.

Tzu Chi High School students interacting with the indigenous children by means of body movements and smiles to break the language barrier.【Photograph by Lee Mun Keat】

During their summer break in July, fifteen students from Tainan Tzu Chi High School were led by their Principal and five teachers on a visit to Singapore and Malaysia. From Penang, they journeyed to Kuala Lumpur, where they volunteered their services and gained better knowledge about multi-culturalism while also experiencing the spirit of humanity.

During the closing ceremony, the documenting volunteers shared their experience gained from the training.【Photograph by Chua Fook Yuan】

Tzu Chi Melaka's 2012 Training Programme for documenting volunteers ended on July 5, 2012. Participants shared their touching experiences in Tzu Chi to mark the closing of the programme.

The children were fascinated by the sea world at the entrance of the Science Centre.【Photograph by Lee Mun Keat】

June 27, 2012, was a very memorable and special day for 244 children from 3 refugee education centres, namely Taman Tasik Tambahan, Taman Tasik Permai and Selayang. They were given the chance to leave their classrooms for an interesting and fun-filled field trip, where they also broadened their knowledge.

At the Educational workshop on humanities, the Medical Specialists' sharing on emotional management and diets has opened up a new perception for the teachers. 【Photograph by Tan Lian Hee】

Tzu Chi Melaka held a workshop for kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers on June 23, 2012. Medical specialists were invited to share on emotional management and the effect of diets on mental and physical health.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth bundling up books that can be given out other students who need them. 【Photograhy by Hii Sieh Ping】

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth (Tzu Ching) have started promoting environmental protection in Sabah University since 2000. To encourage more students to participate in this campaign, they are now promoting it at the university's hostel every Friday. The Administration Department of Hostel E has also allocated a vacant room for them to keep the recycables.

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