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Cheng Kar Lok (1st right) believes that if we want others to follow us, we must lead by example.【Photograph by Goh Ah Lian】

Tzu Chi Taiwan's Collegiate Youth Team has launched a project named, "Give Me 5 – Seize the Day and Save the Earth". On March 23, 2013, Earth Hour day, Tzu Chi Melaka's Collegiate Youth followed suit by holding a "5Rs Campaign" in front of A’Famosa, a famous tourist spot.

Children of Kuala Lumpur Da Ai Educare Centre going for the 'Jing-Si aphorisms' promotional activity. 【Photograph by Lim Shy Tean】

On March 11, 2013, 26 children from Kuala Lumpur Da Ai Educare Centre were brought by their teachers and volunteers to a nearby commercial area to learn how to interact with people through the promotion of "Jing-Si aphorisms".

The seniors presenting the sign language of 'Remember the Affinity'. 【Photograph by Lai Jih Chuan】

On March 2-3, 2013, some 80 senior members of Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur & Selangor's Collegiate Youth Association gathered at Tzu Chi Klang for a Camp to discuss about the Association's 2013 Development Plan.

Seventeen-year old Er Wen (right) performed his calligraphic skills smoothly and amazingly.【Photograph by Lim Chung Lu】

On February 3, 2013, Tzu Chi Continuing Education Centre presented its concept of reverting to a simple lifestyle through its curriculum on humanities and other courses. With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, this event held at the Tropicana City Mall created a very happy festive atmosphere.

Performance of “Parable of the Kneeling Lamb” and “Answer” at the closing of the Camp.【Photograph by Cho Tiong Chai】

Chung Hua Middle School’s boarders and Tzu Chi's Teenagers jointly organized a Camp with the theme, “Start with love”. Graduates of Tzu Chi University prepared and conducted the programmes. Parents, School Headmaster and School Director had verified the results of the humanities courses conducted by Tzu Chi volunteers in the past few months.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth (Tzu Qing) from KL and Selangor attending a one-day camp to begin the new year.【Photograph by Lai Jih Chuan】

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth's Leaders from 16 universities attended a one-day course at Tzu Chi Bukit Bintang Activity Centre, KL, on January 19, 2013. Themed 'Direction', this first Leader's Camp for 2013 was aimed at establishing mutual understanding in a team and to be briefed on the whole year's direction in promoting good moral values at the campus.

Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur and Selangor's Deputy CEO, Song Quek Khian   performing the "turning of the tassel" ceremony.【Photograph by Leong   Chian Yee】

Kuala Lumpur Da Ai Educare Centre (kindergarten) recently held its 5th Graduation Ceremony for 16 graduands at New Era College's Auditorium Hall. All its 75 students presented a musical Sutra adaptation to an audience of 457. To show their sincerity, the children and parents observed a vegetarian diet since May this year.

Teh Wee Siew guiding the children on how to set goals.【Photograph by Ng Hsiung Hsiung】

Tzu Chi Kuching held its second Teenagers' Camp on December 15-16, 2012. A total of 62 teenagers participated in the Camp and more than 100 Tzu Chi volunteers helped out behind the scene.

The children in Selayang Religion School happily showing the bamboo bank they made. The bamboo bank will be sent to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the US.【Photograph by Ong Siew Geok】

Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur and Selangor's Collegiate Youth members taught the children in Selayang Religion School to make a bamboo bank and encouraged them to save money. At the same time, they took the opportunity to invite them to help the victims of US Hurricane Sandy.

After the visit, Kindergarten teachers from Kluang shared their views.【Photograph by Tay Sok Ten】

On their recent visit to Melaka Da Ai Educare Centre, Kluang's Education Officer and kindergarten teachers, were very impressed with Tzu Chi's approach in inculcating living skills. They hope to introduce the same in their schools with the hope of teaching their kids to be independent and to be team workers.

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