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Education is a selfless mission. Tzu Chi places great emphasis in wholesome education with the hope of stimulating the innate good nature of children so that when they grow up, they can explore their fullest innate potential to contribute to society. Tzu Chi, using love as the foundation for wholesome education, will engage the best teaching faculty to realize Tzu Chi's education philosophy. Teachers will apply the wisdom of Buddha to teach the kids, and this will be supported by the loving kindness of parents. All these will enable the kids to have the best and conducive learning environment.

Besides setting up the "Happy Children Class, "Tzu Chi Teenagers' Group", "Tzu Chi Collegian Youth Group" and "Tzu Chi Teachers' Association" in Central and Southern regions in the past ten years, the Melaka and Kuala Lumpur branch went to schools and launched the "Great Love Mothers' Development Class" in 2005. This was followed by "Happy Parents and Child Development Class" and "Parents' Group", both of which are part of the intertwined and interconnected efforts in humanity education.