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In the Tzu Chi Kindergarten and Happy Children's Achievement Class, initial lessons include the learning of basic living skills and daily life education (e.g., the proper way of holding the rice bowl and using chopsticks; how to behave and carry oneself). Children are being guided to put Still Thoughts Education into practical daily use. Mothers are encouraged to assist in the classroom with the hope of strengthening the child-mother bond during childhood development.

The Melaka Tzu Chi Kindergarten started its classes on 6 June 2001 while the Kuala Lumpur Kindergarten opened officially on 3 January 2007. Its furniture, teaching aids, and toys were donated by loving well-wishers from all walks of life. Funds for this noble purpose have been collected from recycling stations, children's own pocket money and the life savings of residents of old folks' homes. Needless to say, the children here are given the best facilities and most conducive environment possible for their spiritual and mental development.