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Vjayandram a/l Govindasamy, aged 61, is the first Malaysian Indian to be certified as a Tzu Cheng. He hopes to help more lost souls like him to turn over a new leaf. [Photograph by Tai Fuey Tat]

Vjayandram a/l Govindasamy, aged 61, is the first Malaysian Indian to be certified as a Tzu Cheng. With Master Cheng Yen just 15 metres away, Vjaya shared that he would never forget the moment the Master pinned the Tzu Cheng badge onto his shirt and tapped him on his shoulder.

After leaving Tzu Chi for 14 years, Lee Shook Lan has found her spiritual way “home”, thanks to the inspirations from Dharma as Water. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

After leaving Tzu Chi for 14 years, Lee Shook Lan has found her spiritual way “home”, thanks to the inspirations from Dharma as Water. She has vowed to follow the Master for lifetimes to come and walk the Bodhisattva Path to help the poor and needy.

Five days every week, Goh Siew Mooi is at the Jinjang Market, collecting donations and telling everyone about Tzu Chi. [Photograph by Low Mai Yin]

On December 20, 2014, volunteer Goh Siew Mooi, together with her husband, Law Peng Keon, and son, Law Ti Erh, stood in front of a large audience at the 2014 Tzu Chi Year-end Blessing Ceremony to share about her blissful golden years.

Transform personal love to greater love, Chan Jiao visits rehabilitation centre to bring care, love and joy to children through games. [Photograph by Low Choon Hui]

Suffering from long-term depression, Chan Jiao lost her mind and forced her son’s head into a bucket of water. When her son struggled, she suddenly woke up and quickly released her hands. She uttered, “What am I doing? What had happened to me?”

In July 2014, at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall, Ing Ing attended a three-day Charity-cum-Recycling Exchange and Training Course. She had learnt about the ways of conducting charitable work and the key points in managing a recycling centre. Feeling unwavering in faith and with more determination, she will plant the seeds of love in her home ground, hoping that one day, when these seeds of love sprout, she would have fulfilled her mother-in-law’s earnest wish. [Photograph by Lim Su Nguan]

If she could turn back the clock, Sister Tiong Ing Ing would definitely like to go ten years back in time to join her mother-in-law, Pui Chiew Joon, in walking the Tzu Chi Bodhisattva Path. Realizing that this is not possible, Ing Ing then decided to take over the baton from Chiew Joon and carry on walking the path, thus fulfilling her mother-in-law’s dream.

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Sai Moi (left) shared her Tzu Chi experience with the children and encouraged them to do kind deeds. Lin Jia Zheng (right) became a donating member and he recruited seven members of his family to be members too.[Photograph by Ang Cheng Peng]

Chin Sai Moi had initially claimed to be a lazy volunteer. She preferred to be involved in recycling activities only and did not want to attend any volunteer training courses. She did not even bother to tell her husband how to be a donating member and instead referred him to another volunteer for information.

Despite being aged and weak, Ping-Jie at the age of 78, still very diligent and persevered at learning Dharma. She prayed with a sincere heart for a world with no disaster. [Photograph by Lin Zheng Sheng]

The notice to gather for chanting for the late Tzu Chi commissioner, Sister Heen Chooi Ping, Dharma name Ci Pin, was disseminated through the mobile phones to the volunteers in her community group. Many were stunned by the news but understood the theory of impermanence. At the Kwong Tong funeral parlour, the volunteers went up to “Ping-Jie” as she was fondly called and uttered softly, “‘Ping-Jie’, do reincarnate soon to the human world again. We will wait for you at the recycling station, do remember the vow you made with Master Cheng Yen.”

The family experienced a more fulfilling and rich life after attending the Dharma talks. The relationship between parents and son got better and the parents found back the once caring son. [Photograph by Chua Yih Tan]

Volunteer Tay Heng Hee happily admitted, “I am grateful for this Tzu Chi Dharma path, it has allowed me and my family to change for the better.” For the past half year, volunteer Tay and his wife have diligently followed “The Master’s Global Dharma Lecture at Dawn”. Their son Tay Wei Lun felt the harmony in the family. The new environment opened the door of his heart and he decided to join his parents and learn the Dharma. His parents have found their caring son once again and now the family is bonding very well.

Tan Kwang Fatt is seen here having a casual moment with a doctor from TIMA.【Photograph by Lee Chin Seong】

A stout stature and a square face have given Tan Kwang Fatt a stern look. Being the second man in the company and a Commander-in-Chief at home, he used to think that he could command it all. Joining a larger organization like Tzu Chi has compelled him to think otherwise as he has to know how to motivate and lead a group of volunteers to contribute. Thus, he learnt to show "gratitude", "respect" and "love", besides leading by example and refraining from giving instructions.

Fresh writers look on Tan Siew Chern as their teacher.【Photograph by Lim Chin Tong】

"I thought I was only good at teaching; I never knew I could learn skills like writing articles, using a computer, surfing the Internet and photography," said Tan Siew Chern as she summarized her more than 10 years of learning and contributing as a documenting volunteer. "And it feels so good to be needed!"

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