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Despite being aged and weak, Ping-Jie at the age of 78, still very diligent and persevered at learning Dharma. She prayed with a sincere heart for a world with no disaster. [Photograph by Lin Zheng Sheng]

The notice to gather for chanting for the late Tzu Chi commissioner, Sister Heen Chooi Ping, Dharma name Ci Pin, was disseminated through the mobile phones to the volunteers in her community group. Many were stunned by the news but understood the theory of impermanence. At the Kwong Tong funeral parlour, the volunteers went up to “Ping-Jie” as she was fondly called and uttered softly, “‘Ping-Jie’, do reincarnate soon to the human world again. We will wait for you at the recycling station, do remember the vow you made with Master Cheng Yen.”

The family experienced a more fulfilling and rich life after attending the Dharma talks. The relationship between parents and son got better and the parents found back the once caring son. [Photograph by Chua Yih Tan]

Volunteer Tay Heng Hee happily admitted, “I am grateful for this Tzu Chi Dharma path, it has allowed me and my family to change for the better.” For the past half year, volunteer Tay and his wife have diligently followed “The Master’s Global Dharma Lecture at Dawn”. Their son Tay Wei Lun felt the harmony in the family. The new environment opened the door of his heart and he decided to join his parents and learn the Dharma. His parents have found their caring son once again and now the family is bonding very well.

Tan Kwang Fatt is seen here having a casual moment with a doctor from TIMA.【Photograph by Lee Chin Seong】

A stout stature and a square face have given Tan Kwang Fatt a stern look. Being the second man in the company and a Commander-in-Chief at home, he used to think that he could command it all. Joining a larger organization like Tzu Chi has compelled him to think otherwise as he has to know how to motivate and lead a group of volunteers to contribute. Thus, he learnt to show "gratitude", "respect" and "love", besides leading by example and refraining from giving instructions.

Fresh writers look on Tan Siew Chern as their teacher.【Photograph by Lim Chin Tong】

"I thought I was only good at teaching; I never knew I could learn skills like writing articles, using a computer, surfing the Internet and photography," said Tan Siew Chern as she summarized her more than 10 years of learning and contributing as a documenting volunteer. "And it feels so good to be needed!"

Kota Kinabalu's volunteers, Connie Cheong (right) and Lim Sat Chu (left) visiting Sister Ah Lan.【Photograph by Yong Siew Lee】

Senior Tzu Chi volunteer, Wong Ah Lan was very ill for the past one month. Fellow volunteers took turns to take care of her in appreciation of her 20 years of dedication in Tzu Chi's missions. Our beloved Sister Ah Lan passed on peacefully on June 7, 2013, with abundant blessings from friends and relatives.

Xiao Ya Xian practices the concept of "80% full" in her everyday life. She carefully plans the volume of food required by her family. In this way, she can also save on oil, gas and time.【Photograph by Low Mai Yin】

Deeply moved by the "save a handful of rice for the needy" story of the Nargis Cyclone victims in Myanmar, Xiao Ya Xian started to adopt simplicity and thriftiness in her daily living. She has also influenced her family to practise the concept of "eating 80% full".

Brother Peng Hong sharing with the staff of Tzu Chi Melaka on December 3, 2011.【Photograph by Yong Siew Lee】

Brother Tan Peng Hong, senior volunteer of Tzu Chi Melaka passed away peacefully on January 8, 2012, at 8.30 am. Some 500 people attended his memorial service on January 10; and at his funeral on January 11, 100 Tzu Chi volunteers joined the procession. They all bade farewell to their respected fellow brother, who is indeed a role model for all to emulate.

Tan Choon San (right), Yoon Siong's mentor in Tzu Chi, was very happy to see the transformation in Yoon Siong.【Photograph by Koh Eng Kiat】

Following the demise of his son and the severe flooding in Southern Peninsula Malaysia in 2006, Yap Yoon Siong was invited to a Tzu Chi fellowship. Later he became an active volunteer and gave up his hobby of 40years - fishing.

Brother Teoh Keat Hoo was a dedicated documentary volunteer.【Photograph by Sam Pin Fook】

Brother Teoh Keat Hoo, a Faith Corp member of Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, was found dead in his house on September 8, 2011. All volunteers were extremely saddened to learn of his sudden demise. On September 11, more than 100 volunteers sent him off on his final journey.

The mother and daughters also going vegetarian together.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】

Pua Bee Kian used to be hot tempered. After watching Da Ai TV and listening to Master Cheng Yen's teachings, she and her daughters have changed tremendously, and have also become vegetarians.

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