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Da Ai TV Transformed Pua Bee Kian and Daughters

Written by  By Loh Siew Chien & Gan Li Yun, Muar/ Translated by Ng Chong Seau Horng & Hew Kwee Heong

The mother and daughters also going vegetarian together.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】

Pua Bee Kian used to be hot tempered. After watching Da Ai TV and listening to Master Cheng Yen's teachings, she and her daughters have changed tremendously, and have also become vegetarians.

Pua Bee Kian begins her day at 5.30 am by watching Master Cheng Yen's "Wisdom At Dawn". She takes down notes as she watches this programme, which is her food for thought for the day.

Bee Kian was hot tempered and impatient. When her friend, Gan Li Yun, a Tzu Chi volunteer, encouraged her to install Da Ai TV, she obliged thinking that it might be good for her children. Soon she was attracted to Da Ai TV's programmes.

"I love to watch Master Cheng Yen's "Wisdom At Dawn" as it is lively and practical. I learnt a lot from the Master's speech. My heart has been cleansed and my worries have also lessened."

These teachings from Master Cheng Yen had totally changed Bee Kian'a perspective towards life: "We, ordinary people, must possess the Right Mindfulness, Right Belief and Right Thought, as the mind creates everything", "We do not have a claim on our life, but only the right to use it" and "We cannot take anything with us when we die; only karma follows us".

Another programme that has greatly influence her is "Guardians of the Land". Despite their debilitating health conditions, the environmental volunteers are striving to live their lives to the fullest. Bee Kian then decided to help out at the Tzu Chi Muar's office and join the Great Love Mother Nurturing Class.

Better control our temper

The family, including their children, 9-year old Xu Jia Yun and 5-year old Jia Yi, always enjoy their vegetarian meals at home. At the end of their dinner, everyone will pour some drinking water into their respective bowls and drink the water as well.

After dinner, the daughters will do the dishes and clean the table before watching the Da Ai drama. Occasionally, their father joins them after returning from work. It is really heartwarming to see how the family enjoys time together.

Jia Yun said, "Mom was very fierce. She would cane me if I was naughty or made a mistake. I was very afraid of talking to her because she would point out the mistake in what I said. But now, she has changed and I like her better this way."

Bee Kian used to be a very egoistic person, who thought the world of herself. "If I think it is right, I will go ahead and ignore others' advice." She had also made decisions without consulting her husband.

"In the past, when we had a fight, it took us a few days to patch up. Now, she is much better as she can control her temper very well and is also more considerate. This is the biggest change in her," said Bee Kian's husband, Xu Fu Quan.

"My temper was bad. But after watching Da Ai TV, I can better control our temper; and the same applies to my daughter, who must have been influenced by me," said Bee Kian.

One day, Jia Yun got very upset with her teacher who threatened to report to her mother about her lack of attention in class. When she went home, she threw tantrums at her sister. However, after watching "Life's Wisdom" that night, she realized her mistake and repented.

"I regretted losing my temper. It is truly difficult to correct our behaviour. However, I will always keep this Jing-Si Aphorism in my mind: 'Be grateful when I hear good words, and understanding when I hear unpleasant ones."

Jia Yun also loves to watch "The Little Chestnut of the Tang Dynasty", an animated children's series, because she thinks she closely resembles the character, who possesses many bad habits and makes similar mistakes. In order to remind her not to make mistakes, Jia Yun always carries her Jing-Si Aphorism cards with her.

Jia Yun also likes to share what she has learnt from "Children of the Earth" with her classmates, advising them not to waste food.

"My sister seldom fights with me now after watching Da Ai TV. Sometimes, she even reminds me to 'speak good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk on the right path'. I have written it down so as not to forget it," said Jia Yi.

Their father is delighted to find that his children have benefited enormously from the Da Ai TV. He himself also enjoys the drama tremendously. Through the movies that he watched, he realized that life is really impermanent. On the other hand, "Directory of Happiness" also enables Bee Kian to reflect upon her reactions with the family.

It is not difficult

Bee Kian has also decided to go vegetarian after learning about its advantages from Da Ai TV; and she has also influenced her children to do the same.

Once, Jia Yun broke her fast in school as the fried chicken was too tempting.

"When my mother found out, she did not scold or punish me! My mom has really changed because of Da Ai TV!"

When Jia Yun saw a scene of the slaughtering of chickens in an "Essence of Bodhi Mind" programme, she realized the great pain the chickens had to endure. She then decided that it is not difficult to go vegetarian, as she only needs to let go of her desires.

Once, when her father used prawn cake to test her determination, she ran quickly to the living room and picked up her pray beans to chant the Buddha's name. She managed to control her desire successfully.

Five-year old Jia Yi also did not want to be left out as a vegetarian. When they visited their grandmother, she also avoided eating meat by not picking it up at the table.

"Meat is not tasty without the seasoning and deep frying." These are the words from a 5-year old.

Jia Yun gave her testimony: "It is healthier to be a vegetarian and I also feel more energized after being one."


Pua Bee Kian and daughters watching Da Ai TV together.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】   Jing-Si Aphorisms is the tool Jia Yun uses to control her temper.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】

Pua Bee Kian and daughters watching Da Ai TV together.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】
Jing-Si Aphorisms is the tool Jia Yun uses to control her temper.【Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang】


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