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Li Wei Xiang's Realization from 'The Sutra of Filial Piety'

Written by  By Kok Kim Tho, Kuala Lumpur / Translated by Hew Kwee Heong

Li Wei Xiang (in black shirt) practising for the musical drama, 'The Sutra of Filial Piety'.【Photograph by Tee Kim Wooi】

Li Wei Xiang has changed from being a hot-tempered and problematic son after joining Tzu Chi two years ago. At the recent Seventh Lunar Month Blessing Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, he portrayed a rebellious son in the musical drama, "The Sutra of Filial Piety", and gained greater realization...

"I am so glad that in real life I did not go to the extent of being locked-up like the role I played in the drama. Otherwise, I would owe my parents even more!"

Twenty-one year old Li Wei Xiang played the role of a problematic youth, who went to jail for his wrongdoings, in the musical drama, "The Sutra of Filial Piety", staged on August 21, 2010, in Kepong. He was particularly touched and affected by the scene of the parents' visit to their son in jail.

I was a problematic child

Wei Xiang is the second child in the family and has two other brothers and a sister. He was an introvert and hot-tempered; and whenever he was angry, he would throw tantrums and resort to hitting people and throwing things. 

Wei Xiang's mother revealed that he became so hot-tempered because he was bullied by some gangsters in school.

With deep regrets, Wei Xiang said, "In the past, if anyone made me angry in school, I would wait for him outside the school to beat him up."  

Wei Xiang's bad behaviour hurt his parents deeply, especially his gentle mother...

Good people in life

One day in 2008, Wei Xiang was invited by his boss, Li Guo Qiang, to be a donor, as well as, a volunteer of Tzu Chi. His boss also told him that he could go home earlier if he had to attend the volunteers' fellowship.

Wei Xiang happily joined as volunteer and started doing recycling. "I found out that I love recycling work because as I work, I grow spiritually too."
Wei Xiang has also managed to influence his mother and friends to join in the recycling by telling them, "Let's save our Earth!"


Wei Xiang's father said, "Tzu Chi is really good; it has changed my son." 

"My second brother used to be fierce, and I did not like him! Now he has changed a lot!" exclaimed Wei Xiang's sister. 

Wei Xiang said, "I used to order my brother and sister around. Now I tell them nicely, and it works out better!"
Recycling has indeed changed this problematic son to one who is promising and brings happiness to the family.

Wei Xiang's participation in this drama has made him realize the urgency of showing filial piety to his parents and to be nice to his family members. The loss of his cousin in a car accident a few years ago further enhanced this belief. 


Wei Xiang (on the Right) and his mother (on the left) doing recycling at SS3 recycling station.【Photograph by Chuan Ian Xia】     

Wei Xiang (on the Right) and his mother (on the left) doing recycling at SS3 recycling station.【Photograph by Chuan Ian Xia】


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