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Jing-Si Books & Cafe

History of the Origin of the Cafe

In August and September 2004, Jingsi Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Kuching opened their doors to the public simultaneously. Tzu Chi volunteers spent endless time and effort to make this remarkable and historic event possible. With the opening of these Jingsi Books & Cafes, a milestone has been set to form a part  of  Tzu Chi Malaysia's Humanistic and Cultural Education.

Principles and Aims

Tzu Chi Jingsi Cafe is decorated with Jingsi Aphrosisms and simple yet elegant decors and settings. The cafe is quiet and serene, manned by soft-spoken Tzu Chi Cultural Volunteers. Above all, the aromatic coffee and tea, plus good books available in the cafe, make it a perfect place to enjoy reading, to unwind and to experience the real meaning in life.

The published books from Still Thoughts, as well as other selected publications, are the main items for sale in the cafe. Coffee, tea, natural health drinks and recyclable bowls are also for sale. It is hoped that these good books will influence and purify the minds of those who read them.

The cafe is a place for those who are busy or troubled. It is a great place for them to come by with a few friends to unwind, to chit-chat and have great coffee or other beverages. They can temporarily put aside their problems and enjoy a moment of great friendship and fun; while others may want to be alone to enjoy a good cup of tea. And there are those who may just come by to read a good book, or just sit around and enjoy the freedom of doing nothing in a serene and tranquil environment.

Our affluent city is noisy and bustling with people who are constantly stressed out from work or daily routines. Jingsi Books & Cafe opens daily and offers a place for the affluent public to seek peace and calmness. It is a place to cultivate wisdom too.

Tzu Chi Society is moving into its 40th year where humanistic values will be emphasized. As such, Jingsi Books & Cafes have organised many positive, great talks/lectures and activities that would allow the public to participate and learn good values. They will share their experiences with others as well. It is hoped that these talks and activities will help to purify minds and make the world a better place.

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