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Lin Yue Ping explained various categories of hurt feelings and their remedy. [Photograph by Yee Mei Yen]

In our childhood, we depended much on our caretaker and the living environment for our needs, like being loved, feeling secured, being taken care of, being noticed and being recognized. If mishandled, all these complexes will directly hurt the child right into adulthood.

During 2014 Year-end Blessing Ceremony for volunteers, a total of 669 people attended and received the “Wisdom and Blessing” red packet. [Photograph by Ng Hock Thai]

The annual Year-end Blessing Ceremony was a day to be thankful for the past and look forward to the future. Besides receiving blessings from Master, it was also a day to welcome new members into the Tzu Chi family. Tzu Chi volunteers practise the Bodhisattva way by taking the Dharma to heart and using the supreme teachings to benefit others, with the hope of purifying their minds for a peaceful society and a world free from disasters.

Tzu Chi volunteers presented a gift pack to each audience member, as a token of blessings and appreciation for their continued support. [Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen]

Tzu Chi Chapters around the world have started holding their annual Year-end Blessing Ceremony in their respective countries since December 2014. In retrospect, it had been a gloomy year for Malaysians, with heart-wrenching air tragedies, severe floods, and so on. As we usher in a new year, let us fill our hearts with love and faith, and play our part to make this world a better place.

Volunteers presented each audience member with a blessing card from the Master, wishing everyone blessings and wisdom in the coming year. [Photograph by Ng Su Lim]

On December 28, 2014, Tzu Chi Klang held two sessions of Year-end Blessing Ceremony in SJK(C) Pin Hwa 2. Thirty-four volunteers presented a performance entitled, “Jing-Si, Jing Si”, to demonstrate the spirit of the Great White Ox-cart that delivers all sentient beings from suffering through the Dharma.

Diallo (right), who is about to leave for France, attended the Tzu Chi Year-end Blessing Ceremony and took a photo with volunteer Ng Poh Eng (left), who has been caring for him in the past. [Photograph by How Siew Heok]

Alhassane Diallo, a Muslim undergraduate from Guinea, Africa, received a scholarship three years ago to pursue his Master’s Degree in Malaysia. Three months upon his arrival, he was diagnosed with double kidney failure that requires lifelong dialysis. After much struggle, his case was referred to Tzu Chi, which provided financial aid and caring for him to complete his Masters. On Christmas Day 2014, he and his friends attended the Year-end Blessing Ceremony organized by Tzu Chi KL & Selangor; and with blessings from all, he looks forward to further his studies in France.

The “Patience” exhibition booth was the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Group. Volunteers explained to the audience members on how to conserve and pass on a beautiful planet Earth to the next generation. [Photograph by Wong Poh Fatt]

Tzu Chi’s 2014 annual Year-end Blessing Ceremony commenced on December 1, with Master Cheng Yen visiting Tzu Chi’s communities in Taiwan and giving her blessings to all. Tzu Chi Chapters around the world then started holding Year-end Blessing Ceremonies in their respective countries. Tzu Chi KL & Selangor held nine sessions of the ceremony at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall from December 20–28, with attendance from 16,000 people.

Volunteers of Tzu Chi Klang with an eBook Reader on hand, urged everyone to make good use of their device after the fellowship. [Photograph by Koh Poo Leng]

Weighing about 390 grams, the Jing Si eBook Reader enables volunteers to access a wealth of information anytime, anywhere. With a touch, one gains immediate access to infinite wisdom. A group of volunteers from Tzu Chi Klang are meeting weekly to explore the eBook Reader and enter into the digital sea of Dharma.

One hundred and sixty-seven people participated in the entrepreneurs’ day camp held at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall to learn more about Tzu Chi. [Photograph by Ong Siew Geok]

On November 16, 2014, 167 entrepreneurs from Klang Valley and various locations gathered at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall, to participate in the first entrepreneurs’ day camp. Apart from visiting the Jing Si Hall and learning about Tzu Chi’s missions, there were also sharing by other entrepreneurs on their involvements in Tzu Chi and corporate experiences.

The sign language team gave a performance at the Opening Ceremony of Tzu Chi Kota Kemuning Community Centre. [Photograph by Ngeu Keng Yin]

In 1994, Chen Kuei Chou was sent by his father from Taiwan to Malaysia to manage their family’s business. “Business used to be good, but now, it has become more competitive,” said Kuei Chou, as he recalled his purpose of coming to Malaysia.

Sister Echo Chien, CEO of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor (2nd from left) led the cake cutting ceremony that marked the 10th Anniversary of Jing-Si Books &Café, hoping more Cafés would be opened in the community. [Photograph by Siah Chuan Seng]

Jing-Si Books & Café (Bukit Bintang) recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. More than 100 Tzu Chi volunteers and public members joined Sister Echo Chien, CEO of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, in celebrating this special occasion at the Café.