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The green charity sale held by Tzu Chi Kluang attracted a huge crowd. [Photograph by Lau Poh Ling]

Tzu Chi Kluang held a charity sale bazaar, with the theme to go green. Members of the public had to bring their own meal utensils and bags for takeaways. Reusable plastic plates and glassware were used for those who consume their food there. Shopping bags, that were used to store the purchases, were retrieved from recycling activity, cleansed and reused.  Everyone is doing good deeds and protecting Mother Earth simultaneously.

Dr Chen Jau Fei shared her insights on nutritional immunology and the right way to consume fruits and vegetables. [Photograph by Choo Kok Choi]

Can human live longer? Is cancer preventable? Does immune system and heart disease share a connection? Plant-based diet or animal-based diet has greater benefit on our health? What is the implication of diet and lifestyle on our health?

Members from Pembantu Kebajikan JKKK Kawasan DUN Machap were brought for a tour of the premise by Tzu Chi volunteers. [Photograph by Tan Lian Hee]

“I thought Tzu Chi is a small organization for Buddhists to perform chants and prayers…”

Tzu Chi volunteers in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam initiated the “Good Words of Jing Si Aphorisms along the Streets” event to stimulate benevolent thoughts and for volunteers to build rapport with business operators in the area. [Photograph by How Siew Heok]

On the sunny morning of February 27, 2016, a group of Tzu Chi volunteers from Shah Alam had gathered at the business district in Kota Kemuning. With around 30 framed Jing Si Aphorisms in hand, they went from shop to shop and distributed all of them within three hours.

Thirteen cast members’ parting words with the audience were: “Acknowledge the blessings, treasure them and cultivate more. Protect the environment and be contented.” [Photograph by Lai Nyok Chan]

The skit titled “Journey to the West” presented by the “Pure Love Drama Team” of Tzu Chi Tampin Branch during the 2016 Chinese New Year celebration was well received by the audience. The presentation was short and there were lots of unseen hard work behind the scene and during the preparation.

Creative Director of Astro Radio, Hoe Kai Yew (right) shared about his years of experience working on radio commercials. Volunteer Yam Hoy Mun (left), who is in the same profession, emceed the session. [Photograph by Beh Chun How]

On February 27, 2016, Jing-Si Books & Café in Kepong Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall hosted a talk by Hoe Kai Yew, Creative Director of Astro Radio on the power of voice in radio commercial. Despite the rain, 85 people turned up for the talk to gain insights into radio commercial, and to learn from the best.

About 50 public members and volunteers attended the seminar on health by Dr Reece Lim Chih Chian. [Photograph by Wong Siew Chin]

Humans are part of nature, but as time evolves with the advancement of transportation and communication, our understanding of the nature is becoming vague. Backed by scientific evidence, Dr Reece Lim Chih Chian shared in a recent talk on ways to adapt to the modern life, and live harmoniously with the nature.

Due to the heavy rain, volunteers moved the construction model of Muar Jing Si Hall to the back of a van, so that they could continue to explain to the visitors about the project. [Photograph by Kang Miew Tiang]

Tzu Chi volunteers organized a fund-raising activity at Taman Temiang Jaya in aid of the construction of a Jing Si Hall in Muar. Local resident Ng Lay Eng said that every donation, regardless of the amount, represented the well wishes and love of the local community.

Sevagunathan (1st right) and his daughter, Mahaletchumi (2nd right) joyfully dropped some coins into the bamboo bank at the end of the event. [Photograph by Ng Su Lim]

“Sampah, sampah, jangan buang saja. Sampah, sampah, sakit kepala…” These were lyrics from the Malay version of song, “Everyone Recycles”, presented by a group of 12 Indian volunteers. The sign language and melodious rhythm drew big smiles from the audience, who also imitated the hand gestures.

The sutra adaptation performance was the highlight of Tzu Chi Kuching’s 2015 Year-end Blessing Ceremony, as Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture was portrayed beautifully by the performers. [Photograph by Ng Hsiung Hsiung]

Tzu Chi’s Year-end Blessing Ceremony is held annually to express appreciation to the volunteers and members for their contribution and continued support, and to reminisce about the past and wish for a better future. On this day, they have come to receive blessings from Master Cheng Yen and leave with a purified heart and mind.

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