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The welcoming team receiving the guests of honour from Taiwan in the traditional Malay way.【Photograph by Chong Ho Teck】

From March 26 to April 6, 2010, eleven sessions of "Great Love Performance Night" and three sharing sessions will be held at various Tzu Chi Chapters in Peninsular and East Malaysia. Real-life characters and actresses of popular Da Ai drama series will be present to share their stories.

Bilingual volunteers help the English-speaking volunteers to understand the course by doing instant interpreting for them.【Photograph by Tan Pui Lee】

For Tzu Chi Kuching's first 2010 Jian-Xi Volunteers' Training Course, three speakers from its KL Office were invited to share their Tzu Chi's experiences with 130 volunteers from Sibu and Kuching.

A total of 23 people participated the training course. 【Photograph by  Gary Kong Yuen Foo】

The world today is tormented by frequent small and big scale disasters, and the root cause is mankind's deteriorating morality. Man has over-indulged in material enjoyment. Hence, the Ist Jian-Xi Volunteers' Training Course in English focused on "recruiting good hearts".

The first training course for new English-speaking volunteers attracted 27 participants from different races and nationalities.【Photograph by Wong Mun Heng】

The 2010 first training course for new English-speaking volunteers was held at Tzu Chi Melaka on March 28. The 27 participants from Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Klang were introduced to Tzu Chi and its philosophy through video clips, power-point presentation and sharing.

This is a scene from Great Love Performance Night in Melaka Jing Si Hall.【Photograph by Lee Szee Lei】

The Great Love Performance Night held respectively in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Seremban from March 26-28, attracted approximately 6,000 people. Many positive feedbacks were received, and young children were deeply touched and motivated.

The first Great Love Performance Night in Tawau attracted 360 people.【Photograph by Lo Chen Fong】

The Great Love Performance Night held in Tawau attracted more than 300 people. They included viewers of Da Ai TV, who had already signed up for the installation, as well as, friends and relatives whom we hope will like this "organic" TV channel.

On the 1st day of the lunar calendar, volunteers chose the Guan Yin Temple to promote the Buddha's Day Ceremony to the many devotees who went to the temple to pray.【Photograph by Teo Bee Swan】

Tzu Chi volunteers in Klang went all out to invite the public to their 2010 Buddha's Day Ceremony and activities that will be held in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of Environmental Protection Mission on May 8-9 at Wisma Teng Chin.

Volunteers visited an Indian village in Sungai Buloh to invite the residents to the Buddha's Day Ceremony.【Photograph by Kok Kim Tho】

In the month-long campaign to invite members of the public to the May 9 Buddha's Day Ceremony in Stadium Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya, the volunteers spared no effort in publicizing it to the public and earnestly inviting them to attend the special event.

Xian Yin Ying is deeply touched when her sons, Jia Yong (in green shirt) and Jia hao (in blue shirt), express their gratitude to her for bringing them up.【Photograph by Lee Ee Hing】

More than 30 Tzu Chi volunteers brought with them a Buddha statue, flowers, fragrant water and some food, to celebrate Buddha's Day and Mother's Day with care-recipient, Madam Xian Yin Ying, and her family at her home.

The Buddha's Day Ceremony organised by Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu attracted more than 400 worshippers.【Photograph by Chan Kwai Mon】

Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu had planned to hold their 2010 Buddha's Day Ceremony outdoor. However, with the heavy rain prior to the event, the Ceremony was moved indoor. Besides the downpour and a power failure, the Ceremony was still a great success.

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