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The non-Mandarin-speaking participants of the new volunteers’ training session from English Group and TIMA posed for a group photo towards the end of the training. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

The first English Group’s new volunteers’ training session in 2017 has recorded the highest number of participants as compared to the previous years. They are mostly participants of the 2017 TIMA Conference held in March this year.

With her parents’ guidance, Lim Mei Ching touched the water with her fingertips and completed her first Buddha bathing in the call for the “blessings of auspiciousness”. [Photograph by Ng Shie Yuh]

Tzu Chi volunteers brought a Buddha statue and blessings to the Lim family. When Lim Mei Ching presented a bouquet of little flowers to her mother, the latter gave her a warm embrace with tears in her eyes. Volunteers also assisted Mei Ching as she offered tea to her parents. All three of them embraced one another, emotionally and joyfully.

Tzu Cheng Faith Corps members marched in while holding reverently the Buddhist flag, Tzu Chi flag and Jing Si Hall model, marking the commencement of the groundbreaking ceremony. [Photograph by Lim Mui Hock]

May 27, 2017, was a significant and historical day. On this day, Dharma Masters of the Jing Si Abode and volunteers from various Tzu Chi Chapters, including Taiwan, Singapore, KL & Selangor and Malacca, as well as, public members, gathered to witness the groundbreaking ceremony of the Muar Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall.

Soh Yee Siang (left) was diagnosed with bone cancer and had completed his surgery, chemotherapy and electrotherapy. He expressed his gratitude towards his mother, Chin Loi Tai (centre) for her company; and volunteer Ong Saw Tin for her encouragement and care. [Photograph by Yong Mun Fei]

Love is an indescribable language; love is abstract. For Soh Yee Siang, he has never thought that love could be so warm and important. Having been diagnosed with bone cancer has caused him physical pain but it has also made him realize that love plays a positive role in his life.

Some 3,500 people performed the prostrating pilgrimage in an orderly manner. [Photograph by Chan Tuck Meng]

In conjunction with Tzu Chi Foundation’s 51st Anniversary, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor organized a prostrating pilgrimage on April 23, 2017. It was followed by a volunteers’ training session, where Hong Jing Yuan, Head of Tzu Chi Dharma Lineage Historical Archival and Research Centre, was invited to share on the archival and spirit of Jing Si Dharma Lineage.

A recurring knee injury did not stop Thiru (centre) from performing as he played a significant role as the leader of the Dharma vessel. Enduring his pain to make the performance a success, his spirit was admired by all. [Photograph by Ng Su Lim]

All the performers on stage bowed synchronously with palms together when the song, “Putting Vows into Action” was over. After retreating to the backstage, all of them were hugging each over with joy and relief that the performance came through successfully.

The event sponsors cutting ribbons on stage, doing whatever they could for Muar Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. [Photograph by Lin Mei Fu]

Tzu Chi volunteers’ grand vision of building a Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall in Muar remains strong. On New Year’s Day 2017, Tzu Chi Muar held a 104-table ‘Loving Vegetarian Banquet’ at Restaurant Tong Fook in Segamat.

How Yong was always composed and kept a low profile. People in contact with him always felt the warmth of his personality. [Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen]

How Yong Soon Pang spent most of his life in the building industry. Upon his retirement, he ran a small hotel business. He had been a Tzu Chi volunteer for over 16 years. When he became a certified Tzu Chi volunteer in 2007, he was given the Dharma name of Ji Shun (濟舜). His composed and humble nature gave joy to the many he cared for.

Sincere prayers from all participants in welcoming the New Year with gratitude. [Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen]

Time flies. It’s the time for the Year-end Blessing Ceremony again. Everyone bade farewell to the year 2016 with a most grateful heart and welcomed a great new year ahead. At this time of the year, Tzu Chi’s donors would have mixed feelings; some looked forward to attending, some were first timers, some became volunteers while some vowed to join the ranks of Great Love. Sessions of the Ceremony represented a form of thanksgiving and continuity of Great Love.

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor staged six sessions of Year-end Blessing Ceremony for three consecutive days from December 31, 2016, with the first session for volunteers. [Photograph by Lim Chin Shein]

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor staged six sessions of Year-end Blessing Ceremony, from December 31, 2016 to January 2, 2017. More than 10,000 people participated in the event marking the end of 2016. Touching moments with Dharma joy filled the atmosphere at this yearly event.

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