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Master Cheng Yen's goal in helping mankind is to humanize the Buddhist teachings and bring bodhisattvas into the world. Maintaining this spirit and goal, Tzu Chi created the major missions of Charity, Medicine, Education and Humanity. The Foundation uses these visible missions to purify the invisible spiritual sphere and to promote social harmony and peace. During the last forty years, the tireless efforts of Tzu Chi members have helped to pave the way for paradise in this world.

Tzu Chi humanity aims at seeking truth, goodness and beauty. Tzu Chi magazines, books, radio and TV programs all focus on human kindness and pure Great Love; and do not indulge in sensationalism or criticism. They have developed a pure land in the field of mass media.

Literary and Video Recordings

In 1999, Tzu Chi Literary Department Melaka was established in order to record and publicize its activities and aspirations. By 17 October 1999, the first issue of the monthly periodical, 'Tzu Chi World', was published. Its contents comprised mainly of monthly activity reports from the respective Liaison Centers or Branches. Later, another publication, 'Tzu Chi Annals' was produced to enable readers to review and trace Tzu Chi's footsteps and activities throughout the year. In June 1998, the Melaka Tzu Chi Branch set up a video filming unit to record its major activities. This was followed by the set up of its website by September 2000.

Jing Si Books and Cafes in Malaysia

The hard work of Tzu Chi members at the Jing-Si Books and Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Melaka and Kota Kinabalu has established another milestone in Tzu Chi Humanitarian path.

On 22 September 2004, East Malaysia's first Jing-Si Books and Cafe was opened on the groundfloor of Yi Da Plaza. Kuala Lumpur Jing-Si Books and Cafe, which was opened on 18 September, also organized a social curriculum to enable Tzu Chi members to venture into the neighborhood and provide a life-long learning opportunity for the ever-busy urban dwellers. At the same time, it also helped the public to discover and appreciate the beauty of humanitarian work. On 19 September, Melaka Jing-Si Books and Cafe was opened by Brother David Liu, CEO of the Branch, and Cai Jin Er, Head of Jing Si Books and Cafe, Taipei Branch.

Jing-Si Books and Cafe has a very serene environment. It has simple, yet tastefully designed decors, and there are also display of words of wisdom from Jing-Si Aphorisms and Tzu Chi Volunteers. The environment seems to tell the people "Welcome to the spiritual home!" Besides being a serene environment for rejuvenation of the soul, Jing-Si Books and Cafe also provides rich natural beverages, coffee and high quality teas.

Wordless Sermons

In May 1997, Malaysia's first Tzu Chi spiritual home, the Tzu Chi Still Thoughts Hall, Melaka Branch, was officially opened. The architecture of the structure blended together the artistic, historic and religious elements with a sense of piety and serenity. Its interior decor takes the form of an educational institution enriched with Buddhist teachings that inculcate morals. Past activities and achievements illustrated with photographs are exhibited to propagate the Tzu Chi silent culture. In conjunction with other Liaison Centers, Tzu Chi organized a series of talks and seminars on 'The Joy of Living'. This included the renowned sign language presentations which depict the unique significance of Tzu Chi culture.

"Journey to the West" Photography Exhibition

"Journey to the West" Photography Exhibition was held in May, July and August 2004, in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. The exhibition showcased photographic images captured by various photographers of "Rhythm Magazine" as they followed the same route taken by Grand Master Hsuan Tsang of the Tang Dynasty on his legendary "Journey to the West". This was a major event for Tzu Chi Malaysia.

This exhibition contributes to the East-West cultural exchange by sharing the story of a Chinese monk who journeyed across China to India in search of Buddhist texts so that they could be translated. His lifetime accomplishment profoundly influenced Chinese culture.

Tzu Chi Foundation hopes that those who view this exhibition can walk away with a deeper appreciation for the richness of other cultures and their contributions to the global community. By harboring understanding and respect in each of our hearts, communities can be at peace and everyone can benefit from a more caring and loving world.

South Asia Tsunami Photography Exhibition at Various Tzu Chi Branches in Malaysia

The South Asia Tsunami Photography Exhibition was held at various Tzu Chi Branches in Malaysia. In Melaka, the exhibition was held on 29 May 2005 and it reminded the public about the impermanence of life.

"Rhythm Magazine" presented the disaster in a narrative format with photos. The exhibition captured the hearts of many; some wept, some sighed, and some were emotionally shaken.

The public was 'transported' into the disaster zone of Sri Lanka and Acheh when they looked through the collection of photos taken during the disaster relief. From those photos, they felt the merciless force of the Tsunami, grievances of the victims and the selflessness of Tzu Chi volunteers.

Pray for Goodwill, Peace and Love

In February 2003, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) struck several countries. Millions were stunned by this epidemic outbreak. The rising death toll was a concern to everyone. On 20 March 2003, the US-Iraq war broke out, causing destruction and a great loss of lives. The world was facing calamities, pain, sickness and social unrest. Master Cheng Yen urged all Tzu Chi volunteers to have humanity and sympathy, and to render assistance wherever possible. The various Liaison Centers and Branches spared no effort in promoting the campaign to spread seeds of love, in schools and hospitals, as well as government and non-government organizations. It is hoped that these gestures and efforts will gradually generate the power of love and goodwill among mankind, thereby bringing peace and harmony to the world.

Spreading the Seeds of Love

In 2001, after the 911 terrorist attacks, Master Cheng Yen was stricken with grief to see the hostility among humans which caused the loss of innocent lives. She promptly urged all Tzu Chi members to promote the campaign, and to spread seeds of love among neighbors, with the principle of 'let goodwill among mankind bring peace to the earth'. Tzu Chi members in Malaysia acted immediately with house-to-house visits to solicit donations for a worthy cause. More gatherings were held to build a closer rapport among members and communities to emphasize the need to live in harmony.