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Folding her palms together, Yang Ngip May chanted the Buddha and Master’s name sincerely. [Photograph by Lai Jih Chuan]

Having a deep gratitude for the Buddha and Tzu Chi, 48-year-old Yang Ngip May thought hard on how to reciprocate the kindness. She suddenly had an idea with the approach of the Buddha Bathing Ceremony…

Love for the parents is felt through a warm hug. [Photograph by Hong Geok Hui]

After a series of activities, videos and sharing, Tee Ya Di thought of her late mum. Learning the greatness of motherly love and yet she no longer had the opportunity to repay her mum, she could not control her emotions.

Tampin volunteers and public members gathered at Tampin Liaison Office for prostrating pilgrimage. [Photograph by Tay Chun Wie]

“My mind was scattered, I focused on the chanting to calm down my mind,” said Wong Yu Hoi, a Tzu Chi teenager who learnt how to tame his mind during the pilgrimage. People from all walks of life immersed themselves in the serene atmosphere. With a sincere heart amid the chanting, the participants began their pilgrimage.

In the morning of April 30, pilgrims had walked each step with steadfastness and reverence, moving towards Jing Si Hall slowly and solemnly while chanting Buddha’s name. [Photograph by Beh Chun How]

On April 30,2016, while solemnly reciting “Namo Sakyamuni Buddha”, pilgrims took each step with steadfastness. With earnest hearts, they moved forward slowly towards KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall, bowing and prostrating after every three steps. The pilgrims included not only Tzu Chi volunteers, but also the elderly, the handicapped and the young children.

In welcoming the 50th Anniversary on May 8, volunteers of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor were busily preparing 30,000 longevity peach buns in 12 days. [Photograph by Look Foot Seong]

Volunteers of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor rushed to produce 30,000 longevity peach buns for the public attending the Buddha Bathing Ceremony held on May 8. The countdown began in mid-April 2016, and volunteers were very careful in making each and every bun.

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2016 Buddha Bathing Sessions

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2016 Buddha Bathing Ceremony

Pupils of KMSSG Free Tuition-cum-Charity Organization were happy that great kindliness could be achieved via little ways. [Photograph by Tai Fuey Tat]

To mark Tzu Chi’s 50th Anniversary, volunteers from KL & Selangor Branch relived the founding spirit of “making a good wish every day, and let a little sum do a huge kindliness”. On March 20 morning, Indian volunteers in Klang approached about 100 Indian pupils of KMSCC to promote Tzu Chi and the “Bamboo Bank Era”, nurturing kind thoughts in the young minds.

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor organized the first prostrating pilgrimage at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall to commemorate Tzu Chi’s 49th Anniversary and Master’s birthday. [Photograph by Lim Chin Tong]

Prostrating pilgrimage is a show of faith in its highest form with a pious heart. In conjunction with the 49th Anniversary of Tzu Chi Foundation, some 850 volunteers and public members humbled themselves through bowing and kneeling to pray for a world free from sufferings.

In preparation for Tzu Chi’s 3-in-1 celebration, volunteers formed a team working non-stop to produce delicious and nutritious buns for the visitors to take away, thus creating good affinity with them. [Photograph by Lim Shy Tean]

For eleven days from April 27, the aroma of buns emanating from the kitchen would fill the atmosphere at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. Every day, 30 people, comprising volunteers and public members would put aside their daily work to produce buns for the Buddha Bathing Ceremony so as to create good affinity with attendees. A total of 12,000 plain buns and 5,000 vegetarian stuffed-buns were produced.

Students and parents of Tzu Chi’s Da Ai Kindergartens took part in the public session of Buddha Bathing Ceremony. [Photograph by Lai Jih Chuan]

A total of 139 students from Tzu Chi’s kindergartens in Kuala Lumpur (Pandan Indah and Kepong) and 304 family members attended the 2015 Tzu Chi’s 3-in-1 celebration of Buddha’s Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi’s Day at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall.

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