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At the Buddha Bathing Ceremony, candle lights held in hands highlighted the themes of the formations. [Photograph by Ngeu Keng Boon]

An evening shower washed away the intense heat that persisted in the day. It brought a sense of rejuvenating freshness. Volunteers gathered at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall at 7 pm on May 12, 2018, to celebrate the 3-in-1 occasion of Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Global Tzu Chi Day.

Along with the chanting of the Buddha’s name, the participants performed a prostration following every three steps. In so doing, they rid their ego and strengthen their determination to walk the Bodhisattva Path. [Photograph by Lim Chin Shein]

On May 1, 2018, Tzu Chi volunteers celebrated the 52nd Anniversary of Tzu Chi by participating in a prostrating pilgrimage event. It was organized for volunteers and public members alike. About 1,800 of them performed the steps and prostrations in uniformity, wholeheartedly and firmly. It was by no means easy, but with courage and determination, they went on, bowing low and on their knees; helping them to be humble and calm their minds.

3,250 participants formed this year’s totem design of sun, moon, tiny particles, mountains, rivers and “Jing Si Dharma Lineage” in Chinese characters, representing 2017’s theme and preserving the Dharma Lineage. It also serves as a reminder to volunteers to create blessings and nurture wisdom. [Photograph by Lim Heng Lai]

Master Cheng Yen’s message to Tzu Chi volunteers for 2017 is: “Create blessings: every grain of rice delivers eternal love; nurture wisdom: each tiny particle holds life’s truth.” In conjunction with this year’s theme, a grand magnificent totem was designed to represent the sun, moon, tiny particles, mountains, rivers and Jing Si Dharma Lineage, depicting the 51 years of Tzu Chi Foundation from its humble beginnings. It is also a reminder for everyone to always remember the perseverance and compassion of Tzu Chi.

Kuan Siew Yeng felt blessed to be able to accompany her father in sutra transcription during the Buddha’s Day event. She hopes that it will be a memorable day for her parents. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

This year, members of the Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association (Tzu Ching) were entrusted with the roles of planning the foot-bathing activity. For the first time, it was conducted at the more spacious Gratitude Hall, thus was able to accommodate 210 pairs of parent and child at one go. The true love and affection between the parents and children were clearly displayed in the warm embraces and tears of gratefulness. The two-day foot-bathing activity witnessed 11 sessions and attracted the participation of over 1,700 pairs of parent and child.

Tzu Chi volunteers prayed piously and respectfully; the solemn Buddha bathing ceremony and genuine atmosphere touched many hearts. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

Tzu Chi Foundation has been in Taiwan for 51 years, and in Malaysia for over 20. Years of emphasis on Buddhism in action has gained widespread recognition from the public. At the Buddha bathing ceremony, the invited representative of the National Society of St Vincent De Paul Malaysia turned up and sponsored some vegetables for the vegetarian reception; Hindu volunteers vowed to follow Master Cheng Yen; and Dharma Masters and Catholic nuns supported the Bamboo Bank Era, proving that kindness could cross boundaries of religions!

A totem of Tzu Chi logo, Chinese characters of “Great Love”, the letters “TC”, and the number “51” was formed by 2,500 people, symbolizing Tzu Chi’s Great Love for more than half a century. [Photograph by Lim Siow Keat]

Morning rays penetrated through the clouds, shining upon the devotees, who were waiting for the commencement of the Buddha bathing ceremony. The blossoming flowers, moistened by the morning dews, emanated a pleasant fragrance, while the Lucite Buddha statues on the platform illuminated a soft glow, permeating the venue with Dharma incense. After a six years’ gap, Tzu Chi Klang organized the Buddha bathing ceremony in Klang once again, with the vow of carrying the Dharma lineage and reinforcing Great Love.

On May 8, 2016, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor held the annual Buddha Bathing Ceremony to celebrate the Buddha’s Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi’s Day concurrently. [Photograph by Lim Heng Lai]

Tzu Chi is 50 years old! For half a century, Master Cheng Yen has upheld the principles of “for Buddhism and all beings” in leading her disciples to propagate the missions. Aiming to spread true Buddha’s teachings and to aid the poor and needy, the four major missions on charity, medical, education and humanistic culture are carried out. Through daily savings in bamboo banks, the kindness evoked helps create a sense of love in this self-centred society!

Over 700 public members participated in the solemn Buddha Bathing Ceremony. [Photograph provided by Andrew Teo]

The Buddha Bathing Ceremony in Miri was coincidentally held on the following day after the 11th State Election. After 12 days of tensed atmosphere, the event helped calm people’s minds and bring them peace of mind.

A foot bathing session was arranged by Tzu Chi KL & Selangor to enable children to express their love and gratitude. [Photograph by Kevin Tan Kok Sieong]

With Mother’s Day fell on the second Sunday of May, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor held a joint celebration for Mother’s Day, Buddha Day and Tzu Chi Day at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. A foot bathing session was arranged for children to express their love to their parents – a truly memorable gift indeed.

Public members were seen pouring their savings into the big urn. The crisp sound of the coins signified the power of accumulation. [Photograph by Lim Chin Tong]

Upon stepping into Jing Si Hall, one would immediately see a large bamboo bank area with a big urn surrounded by many bamboo drains on top. Public members had brought their bamboo banks along to the Buddha Bathing Ceremony on May 8 to donate their savings. The crisp sound of coins being poured into the urn was heard non-stop during the day; everyone realized the power of accumulation and knew they could contribute even with small savings. More than 5,000 bamboo banks were “returned home” on the day itself.

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