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Tzu Chi provided care and assistance to Rajamanickam and children since 2007. The volunteers and the family are like family now.【Photograph by Lee Chin Seong】

Linges and his sister, Lalithambiai believe that only through education can they change the way they live. Despite living in a tough environment and having to do housework, they obtained good results and were awarded Tzu Chi's scholarship, thus fulfilling their late mother's wish.

Tzu Chi volunteers presented a secondhand laptop to the children. Picture shows Rasydan testing out the computer.【Photograph by Yong Siew Lee】

Rasiman, Rasydan and Nor Hidayah are three very hardworking siblings under Tzu Chi's Scholarship Scheme. They work after school to earn money to lessen their mother's financial burden and also help out with all the household chores.

On their home visits at night, volunteers were fully equipped with torch lights and other essentials.【Photograph by Low Hui Cheng】

During a 43-day period from June to mid-July, Tzu Chi volunteers from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur completed 8,200 Study Grant home visits. They worked day and night with only one goal in mind, that is, assist low-income families to prepare their children for a new school year.

Tzu Chi Volunteers brought vegetarian dishes and a cake to celebrate with Rana and family for their new home.【Photograph by Tan Son Hong】

Single mother Chenderakirana and her three young children were living in an extremely dilapidated hut; and coupled with the unhygienic conditions, the children also fell sick frequently. Tzu Chi volunteers repaired their house and brought them new furniture.

Volunteers and helpers carrying out the roof repair for Lavia.【Photograph by Goh Yoong Khooi】

Nineteen Tzu Chi volunteers in Kota Kinabalu took 8 hours to replace the broken roof on Granny Lavia's house. Though tired, they were, nevertheless, truly happy that the granny and her granddaughter, Feocenovia, would not have to worry about rainy days anymore.

Mo Ze Wen guiding Malini with the operation of the computer.【Photograph by Gan Chian Nee】

Since June, Tzu Chi volunteers from Kuala Lumpur started visiting homes of applicants for 2010 Study Grant Scheme. In the process, they learnt about Shalini's family to whom they provided emergency relief, a used computer and settled their outstanding school fees.

Volunteers removing the rusty zinc.【Photograph by Yap Choong Lin】

Lachmy's dilapidated house could not even shelter the family from rain. Tzu Chi volunteers decided to repair their house so that they can at least live safely.

The female volunteers taught Peng Ya Mei how to keep their cooking utensils clean.【Photograph by Low Siew Lian】

The Peng family used to throw away any unwanted things out of their house and this had resulted in piles of rubbish in their surroundings. With selfless love, Tzu Chi Seremban's volunteers turned the unsightly ruins into a real home.

The students of Ladang Jasin Lalang are happily trying out the computers.【Photograph by Yong Siew Lee】

Some schools in rural areas were short on computers. Tzu Chi volunteers in Melaka decided to supply the 18 old computers given by Infineon Technologies Malaysia to Ladang Tebong Tamil Primary School and Ladang Jasin Lalang Tamil Primary School.

Besides cash, each recipient was given a set of environmentally-friendly dining utensils.【Photograph by Chin Fook Kuen】

On September 4, 2011, 2,613 successful applicants of Tzu Chi Melaka's 2011 Study Grant Scheme attended the three presentation ceremonies held at Pay Fong High School. They were given money, environmentally-friendly dining set, school uniforms, shoes, and so on.

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