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Dietitian Ti Xiau Xuan used a simple presentation to share with parents and teachers tips on healthy and balanced diet. [Photograph by Chu Jun Chong]

In conjunction with Happy Schooling Scheme, Tzu Chi volunteers organized a health talk at SJK(T) Ladang Kemuning Kru, Gadek, to share knowledge on healthy and balanced diet with parents.

Form 4 student Huang Kai Lun, after using his mouth to hold the pencil and write, was totally awed by Xie Kun Shan’s spirit. [Photograph by Lee Wei Kean]

With elements of charity and education, the Happy Development Camp brought a new chapter to the Tzu Chi Education Sponsorship Scheme. After the 5-hour camp, the volunteers and the students managed to break all barriers and establish mutual trust and understanding.

Jing-Si products, like comic books, food and utensils were distributed to Tzu Chi Muar's scholarship recipients.【Photograph by Soh Lip Seng】

On November 10 and 17, Tzu Chi Muar held 6 Scholarship Presentation Ceremonies at 5 locations to hand out scholarships to a total of 679 primary and secondary students.

Lee Bing Kun receiving the “Filial Piety Award” on behalf of his late son, Ming Hoe, at the Tzu Chi Scholarship Presentation Ceremony.【Photograph by Tan LianHee】

"He was the one who did the house chores; and whenever I worked late, he would call me. He was a very caring son, never made us worry. Unfortunately, he has left us..." recalled 62-year old Lee Bing Kun, who sobbed quietly, not knowing how to express the pain of his son's demise. At the Tzu Chi Scholarship Presentation Ceremony, Tzu Chi presented the "Filial Piety Award" to the late Lee Ming Hoe for his filial goodness.

Students giving their parents a warm hug.【Photograph by Sam Pin Fook】

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor organized Deepavali distributions for poor students from 19 Tamil Primary Schools on October 5, 6 & 19, 2013. Each of the 1,124 low-income Indian families received a Deepavali gift pack and well wishes from Tzu Chi volunteers.

Noraini (in red shirt) visited her school's students with the volunteers. She said she understands them better after the visits.【Photograph by Yong Chiew Fung】

In March 2013, Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu launched a Happy Campus Programme to help students from low income families. Since the implementation of this programme, Tzu Chi volunteers have been visiting schools to find out the needs of these poor students.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lim Sat Chu, explaining the purpose and the application criteria of Tzu Chi's Scholarship Awards Scheme and Happy Campus Programme. 【Photograph by Tse Ning Siong】

On March 2, 2013, a briefing session on the soon-to-be implemented 2013 Tzu Chi Scholarship Awards Scheme was held at Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu Office. Sixty-five primary and secondary school teachers attended this meeting to know more about the Scheme and its application requirements.

"Bamboo Bank Era" performance by Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth members.【Photograph by Lee Kin Chee】

Hazman wrote his name with much effort as he was determined to become a Tzu Chi member; and taking on the task as PA system coordinator in Parent-child Bonding Class, Qiu Wei Hong was given the chance to perform his strongest strength. Both applied different methods to give back to society.

A beautiful scene of mutual respect.【Photograph by Siow Yau Chu】

Tzu Chi Seremban recently held a Tamil Session of the Scholarship Awards Presentation Ceremony. Students from Tamil Schools performed an Indian Dance; and Teacher Puspa was the Master of Ceremony.

A total of 628 students received the various scholarship awards set up by Tzu Chi Melaka this year.【Photograph by Tan Lian Hee】

This year, Tzu Chi Melaka has established a "Scholarship Awards Scheme" in place of the "Study Grant Scheme", which was held for many years. The objective of this new Scheme is to find and highlight the outstanding qualities of the underprivileged students.

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