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Touching Stories

Madushi(first from the left) and her mother, Shanti (second from the left) prayed together with the volunteers before the operation.

Mithushi and Madushi, aged 9 and 15 respectively, are both Scoliosis patients from Sri Lanka. Accompanied by their respective mothers, they came to Malaysia to seek treatment. Madushi has successful undergone an 8-hour spinal surgery on July 13.

【Caring Case/Seremban.Misto Mirokdin】

Volunteers visited Misto at his home, and urged him to go for follow-up hospital visit. 【Photograph by Siow Yau Chu】

Misto Mirokdin, an Indonesian worker, died as a result of serious injuries sustained in an accident. Tzu Chi Seremban comforted his wife, Susyanti, and assisted with arrangement for their return to Indonesia.

【Caring Case/Kuala Lumpur.Bawi】

"Let's go home! Your brothers and sisters are at home waiting for you." These were the words uttered by Sung Cuai while holding Bawi Kil Par in her arms. Sung Cuai kissed Bawi Kil Par's little forehead and cheeks while the latter lay comfortably in her mother's embrace. The family was finally reunited after much anticipation. The Hrang Peng couple could not but expressed their thanks and gratefulness.

【Caring Case/Muar.Hu Ze Min】

Volunteers working together to move furniture into the new house, which were laid out in accordance with Hu Ze Min wishes.

Hu Ze Min's old wooden house could collapse at any time due to termite infestation. All his neighbours have moved out of the area, except for Hu.

【Caring Case/Kuala Lumpur.Ramah Bi】

With deep worries for her livelihood, Ramah Bi looked blankly out of the windows. 【Photograph by Sam Pin Fook】

Due to hardships, lack of sleep and nutrition, strenuous work and living in unhygienic surroundings, Ramah Bi's health was at risk.

【Caring Case/Tampin.Nganas】

"I feel very grateful to you for because of you, he was well regarded and lived well with your love and concern. Now that he is gone and is no longer suffering, I feel so gratified" Nganas's mother said thankfully. Nganas's son, Jimmy, and his sister, En Ting, also came to attend the funeral.

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There is Hope Again

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【Caring Case/Kuala Lumpur.Mubariq】

"We just hope he is healthy and can enjoy a normal life, playing outside just like other kids. That's good enough."  Mohd Hanif said while fondly holding his kid.  As for Emilia, she left it to the Almighty Allah and prayed that the operation will be successful.

【Caring Case/Singapore.Zhang-Rui-Zheng】

Zhang Rui-Zheng Ah Gong, suffers from gout and has difficulty in walking. Tzu Chi free clinic volunteers arranged for home visit to offer him help and care.【Photograph by Goh Shiau Fung】

Ah Gong was so worried that the volunteers might break his toilet when they changed his existing squatting toilet to the sitting type. The change was completed within half an hour. Looking at the brand new and comfortable toilet seat, Ah Gong was so happy and relieved and could not wait to sit on it.

【Caring Case/Klang.Thivia】

Judging from the 'teeth filling' process, we can imagine how a simple task of brushing teeth can mean a 'big project' which requires the assistance of a few adults, day in day out. 【Photograph by Lim Yen Kuan】

At about 8.00pm on 14 March 2006, Dr Huang Xiao Wei, a dentist, closed her Klang Clinic after a hard day's work, and followed a volunteer, Lai Chi Yong, to Thivia A/P Thayalan's house to provide dental care. This marks the first dental outreach undertaken by the Klang TIMA.

【Caring Case/Singapore.Phua Kin Yong and Phua Zi Qi】

Watching Zi Qi suffering in pain, her mother could only embraced her tightly to comfort her tortured child.【Photo provided by Tzu Chi Singapore Branch】

14-year old Phua Kin Yong and 10-year old Phua Zi Qi were normal at birth. Unfortunately, their bone frame started to degenerate at the age of five.

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