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Tzu Chi initiated relief operation on the first night of Lunar New Year to several flood-hit areas in Sarawak. [Photograph by Tan Pui Lee]

Several days of heavy rainfall during the Chinese New Year caused two flash floods in Southern Sarawak. Thirty-one and fifty relief centres were setup respectively and 14,678 turnout of residents were evacuated. By February 24, Tzu Chi had carried out two rounds of relief operations.

As a recognition of the love and care given to prisoners, Kluang Prison presented a certificate of appreciation to Tzu Chi. [Photograph provided by Simpang Renggam Prison]

Since July 2008, despite the challenges, there are no complaints or misgivings amongst volunteers. Whenever they recall how the prisoners have sincerely performed the “walking meditation”, how they have watched the Da Ai videos attentively, and the camaraderie between the volunteers and prisoners, the volunteers are inspired to continue with the mission.

Eleven-year-old Yau Shan Yang sincerely prayed for the safety of Tainan quake victims with his father, Yau Wai Leong (left). [Photograph by Lim Chin Shein]

Doing good deeds is not the prerogative of the rich, nor the adults. Children too can help those in need. During the Lunar New Year gathering held by Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, all present showed much compassion and loving kindness in offering their prayers and donations to the Tainan earthquake victims – radiating their warm blessings to the distant victims.

Actions speak louder than words, and love knows no boundary. These preschool kids have clearly demonstrated that by donating to the Tainan quake victims [Photograph by Kevin Tan Kok Sieong]

“Kids, why are you holding a red packet?” “I want to donate into the bamboo bank.” “For whom?” “To the earthquake victims.” This is the goodness demonstrated by the kids at Da Ai Kindergarten, to send love to the Tainan quake victims!

Despite their financial constraints, Sugumar insisted on making a monthly donation. Volunteer Ng Siew Peng (left) has been the family’s constant support. [Photograph by Loh Siew Chien]

“Who are these people? We share no family ties, yet they helped us unconditionally without us asking…” When Sugumar and Komalavalli were going through a rough time, the volunteers had given them the strength to move on.

On the eve of 2016 Chinese New Year, volunteers distributed basic necessities to the street friends. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

On the eve of Chinese New Year, 31 Tzu Chi volunteers from Entrepreneurs’ Group, English Group and Tzu Chi Artistes’ Association distributed goodies bag, mandarin oranges, mineral water and red packets to a group of street friends who had spent the festival alone. They were moved to tears and kept uttering, “May God bless you!”

Volunteer caring victim Zhong Yue Feng. [Photograph by Keah Hwei Har]

Two days before the Lunar New Year, Batang Melaka was affected by flood. Tzu Chi volunteers proceeded to the disaster site to hand out aid and offer their sincere blessings to the victims, wishing them a peaceful New Year.

Volunteers’ care-giving had put Deng Xiu Feng and family at ease. [Photograph by Low Siew Lian]

It was raining cats and dogs in the suburbs of Durian Tunggal. This unusual rainstorm blew away the roof tiles of residence and shop houses nearby. When Deng Xiu Feng received the cash relief from Tzu Chi volunteers, she never expected a donating member like herself would turn into an aid recipient.

Volunteers had a “reunion” dinner with care recipient, Lau Bah Ngou (right). [Photograph by Low Choon Hui]

“I have not celebrated Chinese New Year for more than ten years already,” care recipient Lau Bah Ngou sighed. Fortunately, volunteers’ cleaning and cooking had given him a warm family feel.

Tzu Chi volunteers arrived at the funeral to offer their blessings to the late Tey Lai Ti. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

Tzu Chi care recipient, Tey Lai Ti, passed away peacefully on January 23, 2016. Her attitude of seizing every opportunity to contribute while living has left a legacy behind.

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