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Charity News

With Tzu Chi emergency relief grant, Sri Wulan Kari successfully returned home with her twins. [Photograph by Lee Kok Keong]

Like many Indonesian women, Sri Wulan Kari came to Malaysia to earn a living. However, her life took a bad turn after she gave birth to a pair of twins – one healthy and one very ill. With no money to return to Indonesia, her desperation became a matter of life or death!

Actor Eric Chen (left) was emotional when helping to bathe a very thin disabled child. [Photograph by Soh Teck Hing]

At eight o’clock in the morning, children at the disability centre gathered in the courtyard, and stared blankly into space…

Tzu Chi youths and other volunteers cleared up the rubbish and mud in the drains behind the house. [Photograph by Hong Geok Hui]

Volunteers have been spring-cleaning the home of care recipient, Chen Jin Lai, on an annual basis. This time, while cleaning his house, they found RM1,450 in notes and a heavy piggy bank on a messy table top. Jin Lai told volunteers that he would empty the piggy bank at Tzu Chi’s annual New Year distribution.

During the presentation ceremony of sponsorship, four awards on Overall Excellence, Filial Piety, Diligence and Academic Progress were also given out. [Photograph by How Siew Heok]

On November 29, 2015, Tzu Chi Education Sponsorship Scheme’s humanities course was held for the second time at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. The course included a series of programme to nurture filial piety in the children, in the hope of inspiring gratitude in them. The cohesive effort of Tzu Chi Education and Charity Teams, while leveraging the power of community, had made this event a success.

The study grant recipients happily showing the blessing and cash card received. [Photograph by Lee Eng Foo]

On November 22, Tzu Chi Klang organized four rounds of Tzu Chi Study Grant Presentation Ceremony at Chung Hua Independent High School, Klang; SJK(C) Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan; and SJK(C) Dengkil, respectively. At Chung Hua Independent High School, the morning and afternoon sessions drew a total of 765 grantees from 65 schools from around Klang area.

At the 2015 Tzu Chi Study Grant presentation ceremony, volunteers presented the study grants to students, offering them good wishes and blessings from the public. [Photograph by Ng Chung Wai]

November 22, 2015 was a special day for some students in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. That morning, 932 students (Chinese, Malay and Indian) from 86 schools, in their neatly attired school uniforms and accompanied by their parents, congregated at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall to attend the 2015 Tzu Chi Study Grant presentation ceremony.

Volunteers sent the sickbed to Vikneswari’s home. Vikneswari (on the bed) beamed. Her mother, Indravedi, gave a thumbs up. With this, Vikneswari would never have to sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore. [Photograph by Ten Chee Hean]

An Indian girl, Vikneswari a/p Gunasekaran, laid on a brand new sickbed, moving it up and down like a cradle, using her disfigured hands. She then smiled and said, “This is a magic bed! It’s magical! I like it!” She giggled non-stop as if she had obtained the most precious piece of treasure.

On November 14, 2015, Tzu Chi Muar held the fourth and fifth session of Tzu Chi Study Grant Presentation Ceremony. Photo shows volunteers leading the crowd in performing the sign language for song, “We Are Family”. [Photograph by Ng Pei Sze]

Ng Jia Xiang shyly expressed, “In the past, my school results were very poor and I almost failed in every subject.” He felt that the “Tzu Chi’s Self-Assessment” mini-booklet has helped him tremendously as it reminded him to be responsible, study hard, and refrain from wrongdoing. Now, he is more mature and considerate.

Chong Then Loong was deeply touched by the care from Tzu Chi volunteers and prayed that the team will grow larger to benefit more people. [Photograph by Siow Yau Chu]

Taman Pertang recently experienced the worst flooding on record as a result of incessant heavy rain. Tzu Chi, through its volunteers in Seremban, became the first NGO to visit and care for the flood victims, thereby responding to Master Cheng Yen’s call that “wherever there is a disaster, Tzu Chi volunteers will be there.”

On November 1, 2015, Tzu Chi Melaka held the annual Tzu Chi Study & Award Scheme presentation ceremony. [Photograph by Lee Kin Chee]

Since the roll out of the Tzu Chi Study & Award Scheme four years ago, volunteers and teachers have strived to unleash students’ potential; to motivate them to work harder to improve their studies and conduct.