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Volunteers presented relief cash and foldable mattresses to the landslide victims respectfully. [Photograph by Ng Wei Kiat]

A landslide destroyed six houses at Kampung Kolam Damai due to incessant heavy rain for days. Upon receiving the news, Tzu Chi volunteers in Kota Kinabalu set off to assess the situation and obtain details for aid relief. On October 22, 2017, volunteers delivered relief cash and foldable mattresses to nine affected households at Komplex Sukan Penampang.

Volunteer Lee Chew Yee always took the proper opportunity to teach Kaavitha to stand on her own feet. [Photograph by Lee Kin Chee]

When life is not merciful, some choose to give up, some choose to struggle on. Kaavitha’s husband chose the former. He left life’s problems for her to solve. Kaavitha finally managed to stand on her own to look after her family, after much coaxing from Tzu Chi volunteers who supported her in all ways.

A fun game zone was set up using recyclables to raise the attendees’ environmental awareness. While enjoying the games, they also learnt about upcycling. [Photograph by Leong Chian Yee]

The Deepavali distribution event for Indian care recipients was held at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall on October 1, 2017. It felt like a joyous family occasion, with a gathering of 564 Indian attendees from 162 households, all beautifully attired in their colourful outfits for the festive celebration.

Volunteer Cha Shaw Dee explained to Letchumy what was in the festive gift pack. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

The annual Deepavali festival is just around the corner. In order to give the Indian care recipients a better celebration, Tzu Chi volunteers in Merlimau, Malacca, delivered care and love to the families. They have also accompanied them continuously with sincerity and kindness, hoping that they would get back on their feet again.

Tzu Chi volunteers explained to Abdul Rahman on their purpose of visit. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

UNHCR received appeals for help from refugees residing in southern region of Peninsular Malaysia. However, due to shortage of manpower to conduct assessments and carry out relief work, they sought the strength of Tzu Chi volunteers and entrusted Tzu Chi to manage matters relating to the cash aid.

Volunteers Kok Boon Lian and Low Bee Kiow, who have experiences in baking, complimented on Sujatha’s work. [Photograph by Tan Yen Pack]

Each year, Tzu Chi would present festive gift packs to its care recipients during their respective New Year celebrations. This year, instead of purchasing cookies from the markets, Tzu Chi engaged its care recipients to produce home-made cookies. From purchase of ingredients, cookie-making to quality control, volunteers were there to guide the care recipients, hoping that it will also become an alternate source of income for them in the future.

On April 27, Ong Susan, a nurse, and medical volunteers visited Yaw Karen at her home in the company of volunteers. They assessed Karen’s physical reactions and sitting posture. [Photograph by Chiew Lay Choo]

After lying for over a month in the ICU, her condition did not improve. Doctors had no solution to her medical problem and requested her family to bring her home, expressing that her recovery depended on God.

Volunteers showering love to care recipient, Chan Cha Bor, who lives alone. Granny Chan happily chatted with the volunteers and exclaimed, “That is very thoughtful of you!” [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

A seven-hour non-stop torrential rain in the wee hours on August 11, 2017, caused the Malacca River and drains to overflow, inundating various low-lying areas in Malacca, with water levels reaching two to three feet. Traffic was brought to a halt due to flooded main roads.

Hamid eventually possessed the long-awaited UNHCR refugee card. His joy is well expressed on his face. [Photograph by Ho Wing Hong]

“I have got my card! I have finally got my UNHCR refugee card!” Hamid from Myanmar could not contain his happiness upon receiving his long dreamt UNHCR refugee card. With this card, he would no longer have to worry about his medical treatment.

Volunteer Ong Lee Siew handed relief cash from Tzu Chi to Annuadyrany. [Photograph by Hong Geok Hui]

The whole family of Annuadyrany, an Indian single mother, sighed helplessly when they lost all their belongings in a fire. Fortunately, help came in time. She never expected herself to benefit from her usual kind deeds.

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