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Volunteers Kok Boon Lian and Low Bee Kiow, who have experiences in baking, complimented on Sujatha’s work. [Photograph by Tan Yen Pack]

Each year, Tzu Chi would present festive gift packs to its care recipients during their respective New Year celebrations. This year, instead of purchasing cookies from the markets, Tzu Chi engaged its care recipients to produce home-made cookies. From purchase of ingredients, cookie-making to quality control, volunteers were there to guide the care recipients, hoping that it will also become an alternate source of income for them in the future.

On April 27, Ong Susan, a nurse, and medical volunteers visited Yaw Karen at her home in the company of volunteers. They assessed Karen’s physical reactions and sitting posture. [Photograph by Chiew Lay Choo]

After lying for over a month in the ICU, her condition did not improve. Doctors had no solution to her medical problem and requested her family to bring her home, expressing that her recovery depended on God.

Volunteers showering love to care recipient, Chan Cha Bor, who lives alone. Granny Chan happily chatted with the volunteers and exclaimed, “That is very thoughtful of you!” [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

A seven-hour non-stop torrential rain in the wee hours on August 11, 2017, caused the Malacca River and drains to overflow, inundating various low-lying areas in Malacca, with water levels reaching two to three feet. Traffic was brought to a halt due to flooded main roads.

Hamid eventually possessed the long-awaited UNHCR refugee card. His joy is well expressed on his face. [Photograph by Ho Wing Hong]

“I have got my card! I have finally got my UNHCR refugee card!” Hamid from Myanmar could not contain his happiness upon receiving his long dreamt UNHCR refugee card. With this card, he would no longer have to worry about his medical treatment.

Volunteer Ong Lee Siew handed relief cash from Tzu Chi to Annuadyrany. [Photograph by Hong Geok Hui]

The whole family of Annuadyrany, an Indian single mother, sighed helplessly when they lost all their belongings in a fire. Fortunately, help came in time. She never expected herself to benefit from her usual kind deeds.

Valathamonie (2nd left) smiled broadly and was happy to show Dr Ng Guat Kiat (3rd right) and all present the result of her efforts in rehabilitation. [Photograph by Julie Yen Yu Chu]

It is not uncommon to hear doctors blaming their patients for not adhering to what they are told to do, like carrying out rehab routines, and taking medication regularly at the correct doses. However, the reason for patients not doing what they are told to do is often unheard. In order to maintain a closer doctor-patient relationship and provide the assistance needed, medical doctors must take the initiative to find out the patients’ difficulties.

Volunteers from Kuala Lumpur were invited to participate in the counselling service to the inmates of Simpang Renggam Prison. The Prison-Officer-in-charge, Saravanan (middle), complimented their selfless service and inspiring sharing. [Photograph provided by Simpang Renggam prison authority]

In order for the inmates to benefit from Tzu Chi volunteers’ personal stories of transformation, and for volunteers to have a chance to serve the inmates, volunteer Ong Seng Yeow from Kluang arranged for a sharing by volunteers from Tzu Chi Entrepreneurs’ Group in the prison. After more than a month of planning and seeking approval from the prison authority, the day had arrived.

Noor Falemah attended Sufi’s funeral with volunteers by her side. [Photograph by Julie Yen Yu Chu]

Parents of Muhammad Sufi were so happy when Sufi’s operation was successful. It rekindled his father’s hope to live in this foreign land. He also told his son to join Tzu Chi volunteers in carrying out kind deeds when he grows up. Sadly, the boy passed away one month post-surgery due to bacterial infection.

The volunteers bowed 90 degrees and with both hands, presented the relief cash and eco- blankets to the fire victims. [Photograph by Teh Yuan Ying]

On March 14, 2017, a fire razed through 42 wooden houses at Kampung Muhibbah, Kota Kinabalu. On March 17, Tzu Chi volunteers from Kota Kinabalu went to Dewan Serbaguna Likas and distributed relief cash and eco-blankets to 278 affected families.

The adjustable bed made it easy for Batriyah, the stroke patient, to sit up more easily, with the help of her husband, Abdul Karim (left). [Photograph by Yong Mun Fei]

Tzu Chi volunteers presented an adjustable bed to Abdul Karim at his home. It was the most valuable gift he had waited for 12 years.

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