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Charity News

The handing over ceremony was made by Venerable Saranankara (3rd from the left), in the presence of representatives from various Buddhist Organizations and from Tzu Chi.【Photograph by Chua Weng Ing】

Forty-five Malaysian Buddhist organizations jointly organized a series of "Light A Lamp of Hope & Relief" activities to raise funds, as well as, offer prayers to the quake victims in Haiti.

This is the home of Su and family.【Photograph by Chua Lee Pua】

Love had connected Tzu Chi volunteers with Su* and his family and brought hope to Su, a HIV patient. He passed away on March 17, 2010, and volunteers were there to console his family.

Tzu Chi Volunteers brought vegetarian dishes and a cake to celebrate with Rana and family for their new home.【Photograph by Tan Son Hong】

Single mother Chenderakirana and her three young children were living in an extremely dilapidated hut; and coupled with the unhygienic conditions, the children also fell sick frequently. Tzu Chi volunteers repaired their house and brought them new furniture.

Spring Festival Celebration taking place at the hall of Sri Pritchard Kinarut Old Folks' Home.【Photograph by Francis Goh Shay Faun】

In conjunction with the usual Spring Festival Celebration, Tzu Chi volunteers in Kota Kinabalu also brought in TIMA doctors to conduct medical check-ups on a total of 80 old folks in Sri Pritchard Kinarut Old Folks' Home.

Victims donating for the less fortunate even though they are victims themselves.【Photograph by Chan Kwai Mon】

On February 26, 2010, fifty houses in Kampung Sri Pandan were demolished by fire. Tzu Chi volunteers in Kota Kinabalu provided emergency relief to the victims, and at the same time, encouraged them to do good deeds.

Grandma Zeng Yu Mei cooked fried noodles for the visiting volunteers.【Photograph by Chiew Lay Choo】

On the second day of 2010 Chinese New Year, Tzu Chi volunteers visited care-recipients, who are staying alone or are single parents, with homemade dumplings. This was to make them feel the family atmosphere, as well as, the joy of the festive season.

A heartwarming reunion dinner taking place at the Xu brothers' home.【Photograph by Low Mai Yin】

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, several Tzu Chi volunteers in Kuala Lumpur visited lonely Grandpa Liu Yi, as well as, four young brothers of the Xu family, all of whom are Tzu Chi's care-recipients, and had a reunion meal with them.

The homeless donated generously although they need help themselves.【Photograph by Na Lian Teck】

Tzu Chi volunteers distributed daily supplies and hot food to the homeless in the middle of the night in Klang. To their surprise, they found that many of these homeless people have their own families somewhere...

Witnessed by representatives from TM Asia Life Malaysia Bhd, Sun Man Pin's brother and sister handed over a cheque to Tzu Chi's representative.【Photograph by Lee Szee Lei】

On February 10, 2010, a cheque was presented to Tzu Chi on behalf of the late Mr. Sun Man Pin. The deceased's brother and sister made the presentation and said, "We are pleased that our younger brother's final wish to do good deed is fulfilled."

A total of 60 volunteers from various Tzu Chi chapters attended the

In respect of the MOU signed between Tzu Chi and MAS to provide support in the event of any air disaster or emergency, MAS Emergency Management Centre and Tzu Chi jointly organized a 2-day training course at Tzu Chi Melaka. Sixty Tzu Chi volunteers attended this course.

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