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Charity News

The charity run, which took about a year to plan and prepare, attracted participation from over 2,300 people. [Photograph by Goh Yoong Khooi]

Tzu Chi Keningau organized a charity run to raise funds for the extension of the Keningau Hospital’s Haemodialysis Centre. It received positive support from the district council, hospitals, schools, religious organizations, Chinese associations, police bureau, voluntary organizations, and the public at large.

Volunteers presented gift packs filled with Deepavali goodies to the care recipients, wishing them a happy Deepavali. [Photograph by Chan Hin Yee]

Living in a multi-racial country, it is natural for Malaysians to celebrate festivities together as one big family, regardless of race and religion. With Deepavali a month away, Tzu Chi KL & Selangor especially organized a celebration event for its Indian care recipients and their families on October 7, 2018 at 11 locations, bringing smiles to the faces of this underprivileged group of people in conjunction with the festival of lights. In addition to performances, vegetarian food and festive packs, volunteers also arranged activities to promote filial piety among the attendees.

Volunteer Teo Hock Lin (back row, 2nd right) coordinated the Deepavali celebration for Sivagami and her family as they were unable to make it to the celebration at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall.  [Photograph by Wong Mun Heng]

Sivagami has been bedridden for many years. Therefore, she was unable to participate in any of the Deepavali celebrations held at the KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall. On this particular year, Tzu Chi volunteers decided to bring the celebration to her home. At the same time, they have invited two families that were also under the care of Tzu Chi to celebrate this auspicious occasion together.

Volunteers presented cash relief to the victims. [Photograph by Lee Heng Lun]

A rainstorm in Jelebu blew off the rooftops of some residential and shop units; furniture and other stuffs in the units were dampened. Tzu Chi volunteers from Seremban visited the affected families to assess the situation and comfort the victims, before holding a cash relief distribution at a community hall.

Volunteers giving out relief cash to the Kampung Lingkudau Tengah fire victims. [Photograph by Tony Lai]

On the night of August 4, 2018, a massive fire broke out and destroyed 11 houses at Kampung Lingkudau Tengah, affecting 218 people from 39 households. Fortunately, no one was injured. Tzu Chi volunteers borrowed the space of a local mosque to give out relief cash to the fire victims. They were touched by the gesture and grateful for the help rendered.

Volunteer Yeap Hoi Ting (2nd right) and Granny Lim are not blood related. However, they have fostered a grandmother-granddaughter like relation that makes others envy of them. [Photograph by Yong Mun Fei]

Although Lim Yoke Mee (fondly referred to as Granny Lim) and Tzu Chi volunteer Yeap Hoi Ting are not related, their close relationship resembled the love and trust between a grand-daughter with her grandmother. Residents in the nursing home, where Granny Lim stays, were amazed and extremely touched by the close bond between them which is difficult to comprehension.

Lee Kah Chun (left) thanked the volunteers and medical professionals for giving him the courage to continue living. [Photograph by Woo Yoke Bee]

Life used to be vibrant for Lee Kah Chun, and he used to think that life is within his control. Now, at age 30, his disabling medical conditions had brought him to the brink of death a few times. He finally realized that he has no control over his life. But he is grateful to his father, Tzu Chi volunteers and TIMA members for their care for his medical and emotional needs, and for staying by his side as he faces the challenges ahead of him.

Kong Pui Choon thanked Ng Kim Poh (middle) and other volunteers for cleaning up their home and sending items like mattresses to improve their quality of life. [Photograph by Yong Siew Lee]

The elderly Kong brothers lived in a terraced house filled with recyclables. When volunteers visited the home, they found out that the elder brother, Kong Pui Choon, who had a stroke, and the younger brother, Kong Ah Chye, who has a slight mental disability, were living in a poor environment. Volunteers not only took the brothers to seek medical treatment, but also repaired and reorganized their home.

Volunteer Ong Seng Yeow facilitated the Book Study Club at Simpang Renggam Prison, reading “Earth Treasury Sutra – Interpretation by Master Cheng Yen”. [Photograph provided by Simpang Renggam Prison]

Can a Book Study Club be successfully launched in a prison? Will the inmates read and understand the Sutra? Prior to starting the Study Club in the prison, a Tzu Chi volunteer from Kluang read up the scriptures and prepared an 11-session reading plan, to share the Sutra content with the inmates in an easy-to-comprehend way.

Fire victim, Koe He Chooi, donated the relief cash he received back to Tzu Chi to help those who are more in need. [Photograph by Cheong Siew Wai]

A merciless blaze destroyed three old shop-houses at Pengerang, and took away the lives of a senior couple, who ran an electrical appliance shop. Upon receipt of the news, Tzu Chi volunteers were mobilized to assess the situation and comfort the fire victims.

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