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Guideline for Application for Aid

We accept applications or requests from:
- Beneficiary or family members of beneficiary
- Branch Office
- Members of the public
- Referral from other Liaison Offices
- Referral from other organisations

The background details of the reported case must be properly filled up in the "Application for Aid" form by volunteers or home-visit community leaders. After obtaining the relevant information, the home-visit community leaders have to channel the case to the home-visit volunteers from the community teams. The latter will then conduct a preliminary investigation within two weeks. For urgent cases, this investigation will be carried out immediately.

The findings of the preliminary investigation will be tabled for consideration at the home-visit community leaders' meeting and a decision to approve or reject the case will be made.

Targeted Recipients of Aid:

- Aged with no relatives nor the capability of earning a living.
- Family whose livelihood is affected after the injury, sickness or death of a family member.
- Family whose livelihood is severely affected due to natural calamity or misfortune.
- Broken family having difficulties making ends meet and there are young kids and school-going children involved.

Note: Broken family refers to situation where either one or both parents have passed away; parents are divorced or separated; guardian is not taking care of the children; parents are not around due to unavoidable circumstances; or that one or both parents are not performing their parental responsibilities.