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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)

◎ History

In August 1996, following a case referred to by Headquarters, Hualien, Brother David Liu, CEO of Melaka Branch, Sister Echo Chien and three others brought compassionate seeds of Tzu Chi to Sabah.

Tzu Chi Kota KinabaluAfter their two-and-a-half hour flight to Sabah to investigate the case that was referred to them, the team of six also seized upon the opportunity to get assistance from local Buddhist friends. As such, a Tzu Chi tea talk was then organized. Brother David Liu briefed the attendees on Tzu Chi's missions and this home visit case in East Malaysia. Most of the Buddhist attendees were touched and impressed with Brother David Liu's sharing. They also admired the contributions and sacrifices made by Tzu Chi brothers and sisters. As a result, and prior to the team of six leaving Kota Kinabalu, this group of Buddhist friends decided to join Tzu Chi in promoting the spirit of great love.

In November 1996, Brother David Liu visited Sabah again to present a talk on "Well Blessed Life" and introduced missions of Tzu Chi to the people of Kota Kinabalu. With this talk, and with the call for more people to join Tzu Chi, the Sabah team of volunteers has been growing steadily ever since. As a result, the charity efforts of Tzu Chi in helping the poor and needy have successfully reached out to many parts of Sabah.

On 20 June 1999, Master De Xuan from Headquarters, Taiwan, conveyed the blessings from Master Cheng Yen when he officially declared the opening of Tzu Chi Sabah Office. At the same time, the Kota Kinabalu contact point was upgraded to a Liaison Office.