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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Miri)

◎ History

Tzu Chi MiriShen Jin Lian from Miri is a good friend of Sister Lai Yi Feng, her counterpart in Kuching. She was amazed when she found out how much joy the Kuching volunteers had with their home visiting and recycling activities. After much study and research, she understood the missions of Tzu-Chi and wanted to kick-start a similar movement in Miri. Sister Lai Yi Feng then arranged for Brother David Liu, CEO of Melaka Branch, to visit Miri. In conjunction with this visit, which coincided with his routine East Malaysian drive, two fellowship sessions were organized to introduce Tzu Chi to the people in Miri.

In July 1998, Brother David Liu made his third visit to Miri. By now, Sister Shen and a few other sisters had fully understood Tzu Chi's missions and expressed their intention to join the organization. Realizing the opportunity and the affinity that Miri had with Tzu Chi, Brother David Liu announced the set-up of Miri as a Tzu Chi Contact Point, with Sister Shen at the helm.

With participation from several brothers and sisters, Miri Contact Point organized numerous talks on "Well Blessed Life" and managed to recruit more people to join the Tzu Chi movement. With the increase in membership, Miri Contact Point was upgraded to a Liaison Office on December 2002.

Due to its proximity, Miri Liaison Office also disseminated numerous Tzu Chi related information and printed material to Brunei. As a result of their close geographical locations, Tzu Chi volunteers in Brunei were able to establish a close rapport with their counterparts in Miri and vice versa.