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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Kota Tinggi)

◎ History

Tzu Chi Kota TinggiTzu Chi volunteers had to make the one-and-a-half hour journey from Kota Tinggi to Johore Bharu to attend the monthly fellowship or other activities. Taking into consideration the traveling time, which can be tiring, Brother Liu Han Shan decided to arrange with the local Hokkien Association for the use of their premises for Tzu Chi's monthly fellowship.

In December 2002, the daughter of Mr Lin Zi Liang, a donating member of Kluang, died in a road accident in Melbourne, Australia. With no relatives in Australia, Mr Lin contacted the Johore Bharu Liaison Office to seek help from Tzu Chi Melbourne. Tzu Chi volunteers from Melbourne rendered their full assistance to the family, as well as, attended to all the necessary final rites. Upon their return to Malaysia in March 2003, the Lin family offered for free a double-storey shop to be used as Tzu Chi Kota Tinggi Office. This offer was made as a gesture to show his gratitude to Tzu Chi people for all their very kind assistance rendered to his family.

On 15 May 2003, and with approval from Taiwan Headquarters, the Kota Tinggi Office was set up. On 24 April 2005, it was officially declared open, adding another place of cultivation for the living bodhisattvas. Then on 1 February 2006, it was upgraded to Kota Tinggi Liaison Office by Taiwan Headquarters.