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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Kluang)

◎ History

In 1995, there was a group of Buddhists from Kluang who had high regards for Master Cheng Yen and, in support of her missions, they sent their monthly donations to the Tzu Chi Singapore Branch.

In 1996, Brother Ong Seng Yeow from Kluang attended a function organized by Tzu Chi Johore Bharu Liaison Office. Then on 29 November 1996, Brother David Liu and Brother Liao Shu Ding from Johore Bharu held a talk at Chung Hua Old Boys' Association in Kluang. That evening, Brother David Liu spoke to more than fifty attendees about Tzu Chi's missions. It was at this meeting that Brother Ong Seng Yeow and a few Buddhist friends came to understand the virtues of Tzu Chi. They then affirmed their support and acceptance of Tzu Chi's missions.

At the end of 1996, after his visit to Taiwan with Brother David Liu, Brother Ong Seng Yeow began to actively encouraged his Buddhist friends to participate in activities held by Johore Bharu Office. In January 1997, about ten brothers and sisters decided to shoulder the responsibility of promoting Tzu Chi's missions in Kluang.

Tzu Chi KluangDue to the 80 km distance from Kluang to Johore Bharu, and for the convenience and ease of promoting Tzu Chi activities, Brother Ong Seng Yeow and Brother Han De Hua consulted with Brother David Liu and Sister Echo Chien about the possibility of setting up a local office. Upon receiving the blessings from Master Cheng Yen, the Kluang contact point was set up on 10 January 1997. It was upgraded to a Liaison Office in December 2002.

Kluang Liaison Office first started with charity and environmental protection activities. In September, it acquired the space of the adjacent shop to store recycling resources. Hence, the original office space was increased to 900 square metres, and this enabled the set up of a conference room and also created a space to display Jing Si publications from Tzu Chi.