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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Muar)

◎ History

Tzu Chi MuarIn 1993, Melaka Tzu Chi volunteers travelled more than 70 km to Muar to visit an immobilized old man, who was a home visit case. Within the next two years there was an increase in the number of cases in Muar and the volunteers from Melaka had to make more frequent trips.

In 1994, Brother David Liu of Melaka Branch was actively looking for someone from Muar to join Tzu Chi and cultivate this field of blessings. The volunteers from Melaka have made frequent trips to Muar to carry out home visits, organize tea receptions and talks, as well as visiting schools to spread the spirit of Tzu Chi to the locals. As a result, a few brothers and sisters who have worked with Melaka volunteers decided to form the Muar Chapter.

In 1998, Sister Huang Yue E from Muar offered her double-storey bungalow to be used as Tzu Chi Muar Office. On 13 May 1998, Master De Xuan and Master De Yu from Taiwan Headquarters who were visiting Tzu Chi Melaka at that time, took the opportunity to officially open the Muar Office. In 2002, Tzu Chi Muar was declared as a Liaison Office.

Of all the Liaison Offices in Central, South and East Malaysia, this Liaison Office is one the nearest to Melaka Branch and hence logistically and administratively, it is able to work very closely with Tzu Chi Melaka in the promotion of activities.