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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Klang)

◎ History

Klang township is situated on the west coast of Selangor, next to Malaysia's biggest port, Port Klang. Klang is well populated and there are four districts which carry out Tzu Chi's spirit of "helping the poor and to educate the rich". Most of the members of KL Branch are from this area.

Tzu Chi Klang started its operation through an elderly couple, Lim Kok Hua and Tan Ngin Nea, who are both in their seventies. On a trip to Hualien, they witnessed the kindness demonstrated by Master Cheng Yen, and were touched by the spirit of Tzu Chi members in giving without hesitation and never expecting any reward in return. There and then, they decided to participate more actively in Tzu Chi work and donated four units of shoplots in Klang, turning them into the Klang Centre. On 31 August 2002, and with blessings from Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi Klang was officially opened by Tzu Chi's Overseas Chief Executive Officer, Huang Si Xian.

Tzu Chi KlangTzu Chi Klang operates within four units of shoplots, two of which are used as the Main Hall and the other two are presently occupied by the free clinic and Jing-Si Cafe. The spacious Main Hall was used for most activities, sharing and meetings. The cozy cafe is open to the public daily, demonstrating Tzu Chi culture by displaying and selling Tzu Chi Jing-Si books, Tzu Chi environmental friendly food containers, health beverages and so on. The Free clinic provides free medical services to the poor and needy families within the area.

The advancement of the Tzu Chi volunteers in Klang, and the expansion of its activities brought Tzu Chi Klang to the next level. In June 2003, and with the blessings from all, Tzu Klang changed its status to a Liaison Office, working hand in hand with the other Tzu Chi offices in the promotion of the Foundation's four main missions.