Friday, Sep 25th

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Internationalization of the Mission of Charity

The mission of charity includes taking care of needy families, providing emergency relief, visiting people in need, engaging in international relief work, and so on.. From its headquarters in Taiwan, Tzu Chi assists people in all parts of the globe and prays that there will be no disasters in the world.

Generalization of the Mission of Medical Care

Tzu Chi's medical network which includes hospitals, the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Center, the Children's Rehabilitation Center, free clinics, and so on, allows every family to feel safe and secure...

Completion of the Mission of Education

With love as the core of education, Tzu Chi's schools, ranging from kindergarten, elementary school to graduate schools, encourage students to cultivate their inborn abilities and talents. Tzu Chi works hard to educate the next generation.

Deepening of the Mission of Humanitarianism

Tzu Chi volunteers try to be the pure streams of society by volunteering in communities, visiting and assisting special institutions, recycling, and so on. Tzu Chi's mission of humanitarianism tries to cleanse the human minds with its publications, radio and television programs, Internet programming, and so forth...